No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2805

He furrowed his eyebrows as he said anxiously, “The two of you have been talking for quite a while. Shouldn‘t you give us an answer? Even if you’re sixth-grade alchemists, you can’t really do much in the Whirling World. If you don’t work with us, we’ll just work with higher-level alchemists when we meet them!” Anthony said those words with conviction as though it was a warning.

He was trying to make himself look as good as possible. It was as if the chance would be gone if the two of them did not hurry up and agree.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. He was not some inexperienced child.

How could he just believe Anthony’s words so easily?

Anthony had definitely not been lying when he was talking about the rules, but the subsequent part was uncertain.

Jackie nodded at Anthony, “I’ll give you an answer right now. The two of us have already made a decision. We won’t rely on anyone else, and won’t work for anyone either. Thank you for telling us the rules of Thousand Leaves City. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely repay you in the future.”

After saying that, Jackie shot a look at Rudy. The two of them turned and continued walking toward Thousand Leaves City.

Anthony’s eyes widened, not expecting Jackie to reject him so thoroughly. There was not even any room for negotiation. Anthony frowned as his expression darkened immediately. He rushed over and stood in front of Jackie, blocking Jackie’s way, “Are you suspecting that what I said earlier was all a lie?”

Jackie shook his head, answering honestly, “I’m not doubting those rules you explained earlier at all.”

Anthony got even angrier at Jackie’s reply and said, “Since you know it’s real, why are you rejecting us? I can guarantee you that the prices I’m giving you are already the cheapest. When you arrive at Thousand Leaves City, you‘ll meet others. Not a single one of them is reliable! Once they meet an even better Alchemist, they’ll toss the two of you aside or even use you as cannon fodder. Don’t think about looking for others just because you’re not happy with my price!”

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, not expecting that Anthony would think that way. He looked up and said earnestly, “I’m not planning on getting anyone else to help us get into Thousand Leaves City. Thank you for your concern. I’ll remember the favor. As for everything else, there’s no need for you to worry.”

After Jackie said that, he did not push Anthony aside. Instead, he walked around Anthony and headed toward Thousand Leaves City.

Rudy closely followed behind Jackie. He followed everything Jackie wanted, not voicing any opinions.

Anthony looked at the two of them rejecting him so thoroughly again. Anthony was stunned on the spot as he looked at Jackie, wondering if something was wrong with Jackie’s head.


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