No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2804

After explaining for so long, Anthony saw that the two of them finally understood. He immediately gave them an invitation, “Bringing the two of you inside is absolutely possible. Normal wandering warriors wouldn’t be able to do it. Only the disciples of the Deer Pavilion will be able to do so. My senior disciple will be here soon. As long as each of you gives me a thousand spirit crystals and guarantees that you’ll help us refine pills after we get the materials, we’ll bring the two of you with us!”

After saying that, Anthony raised his head slightly, waiting for their answer. He was incredibly confident in himself and his clan. As a clan that stood at the top of seventh-grade clans, they were still at the top of Middle Province, even if they could not compare to eighth-grade clans. Other than the strongest of disciples, no one dared to look down on them.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Anthony meaningfully and asked, “So you’re so intent on bringing us in because you want us to help you refine pills for free after you get the materials?”

Jackie had been incredibly sharp with his words. If all Anthony wanted was one thousand spirit crystals, then Anthony would not have needed to talk to them in such a friendly way, nor would Anthony explain things to them so patiently.

It was impossible for him to not have any ulterior motives. Just like Jackie had thought, Anthony had demands other than the one thousand spirit crystals.

Alchemists have an incredibly special existence in the Hestia Continent. No matter how many amazing materials warriors obtain, they could not consume them directly. They needed the power of alchemists to refine those materials into pills to increase their strength. They were like doctors of the mortal world. They were even more important than doctors.

There was an age restriction in the Whirling World. Becoming an exceptional alchemist required a lot of time, which conflicted with that. It was very hard to find a good alchemist in the Whirling World.

Jackie let out a light laugh after that before he turned around and whispered to Rudy, “This guy wanted us to work for him from the start. No wonder he’s acting so friendly. Even though we weren‘t being that friendly to him, he still patiently explained everything to us.”

Rudy nodded. Even if he was not the smartest, he understood the key takeaways from that. Ever since he entered the Whirling World, Rudy could understand how normal warriors felt.

If they wanted even better resources from the Whirling World, they needed to be even stronger. They definitely needed stronger and stronger pills. The Whirling World had already been empty for tens of thousands of years, it was not known how rich the resources here were. However, without an alchemist helping them, they would only be able to stare at those materials!

Rudy thought about it and pursed his lips, “He wants us to give him a thousand spirit crystals, and still wants to take advantage of us…”

Rudy got angrier as he thought about it. No matter what pills alchemists refined, they would be able to obtain certain rewards after refining them. One pill was worth at least a few hundred spirit crystals. Anthony was smart. He did not just want them to give him spirit crystals, he even wanted them to work for him. That was only because Anthony could bring them both into Thousand Leaves City! It was as if the two of them would never be able to get into Thousand Leaves City without him.

Anthony merely looked on quietly by the side as the two of them mumbled to each other, not knowing what they were saying. They did not give him an answer which made Anthony a little more nervous.


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