No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2803

Anthony only reacted after Jackie’s question. He had lost his composure a little earlier. He coughed somewhat awkwardly as he said immediately, “Only one thousand spirit crystals are needed. My senior is almost here. He only needs one thousand!”

Those words stunned Jackie and Rudy.

One thousand spirit crystals? What senior?

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

Rudy said as well, “That’s right! What do you mean? We never said we were buying anything from you?”

Hearing that, Anthony immediately realized that those two alchemists did not know anything at all. He was even happier at that point. It was better if they did not know the prices. If he had met some sharper alchemists, he might have had to negotiate for a long time.

Anthony hurriedly explained, “The two of you probably want to enter Thousand Leaves City, right?”

Jackie nodded. Anthony’s question was a waste of time.

Why would they even be there if not for Thousand Leaves City?

Anthony had a kind smile on his face as he explained everything. Everyone who entered Thousand Leaves City actually needed to go through a test.

There was a huge rock that was taller than a man in the center of Thousand Leaves City‘s gates. The rock was made of a special meteorite. Even with the token to enter the city, one still needs to go through the rock’s test. On the top of the rock was a colorless crystal. In order to enter the city, one would need to light up the rock before they were allowed to enter Thousand Leaves City!

Jackie nodded and said, “So only the strong can enter the city!”

Anthony nodded seriously, “Yes! You have to hit the rock with all your might and the colorless rock will light up in red if you have the right to enter. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to stay around the level nine cities.”

Rudy’s expression changed at that. He turned around to look at Jackie worriedly. It was probably incredibly easy for Jackie to enter the city, but it was practically impossible for Rudy.

Even if he had not tried it, he already had no hope. Even his strength at the late stage of the innate level was only there because the Whirling World had forcibly raised it. He was a helpless mortal compared to the other warriors in that world.

He had thought that he would be able to follow Jackie till the end, but he did not expect there would be a qualification test to enter a level eight city.

After Jackie heard that introduction, he frowned as well. If that was the case, it really was possible that Rudy would not be able to continue the journey with Jackie. Rudy would need to stay among the level nine cities, and never be able to step into a level eight city.

Just as the two of them were mulling over it, Anthony spoke again, “The two of you don‘t have to worry! Even if you can’t meet the requirements, you can still go in with our help…”

When Jackie heard that, he immediately turned to look at Anthony. At that moment, Anthony still had a warm smile on his face, but Jackie could feel something hidden behind that smile.

Jackie nodded without showing any emotion, “How would we be able to get in? Please teach us.”

When Anthony saw that Jackie was being more polite, the smile on his face deepened. “Helping you two to get in… Is actually not that easy. Normal folks would never be able to help you, but the disciples of the Deer Pavilion are quite special.”

As he said that, there was an arrogant look on Anthony’s face.

Jackie refrained from showing any emotion as he nodded, motioning for Anthony to continue.

The colorless crystal on the rock did not just glow red, but purple as well. Glowing red meant a bare pass while glowing purple meant that someone was exceptionally talented. They would be able to bring another person inside.


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