No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2802

The journey that followed was comparatively a lot more mundane than before. Along the whole way, they did not encounter a single person even though they did not advance that quickly. After all, even if the Whirling World was devoid of beasts, there were still people with ill intentions around. They needed to be on alert at all times.

Two days passed by in an instant. The two of them had passed an unknown distance. Jackie knew the way, but Rudy did not. It was only when Rudy saw a tall tower in the distance that he knew that they had arrived at their destination. Even though there was still a very long way to go, Rudy still got excited when he saw the tip of the tower. He pulled at Jackie’s sleeve and pointed at it.

“That should be Thousand Leaves City!”

Jackie nodded with a sigh as he confirmed the path they would be taking to make sure that it really was Thousand Leaves City.

Rudy sighed as he lamented, “We’re finally here. I’ve been bored to death just walking for the past few days.”

Rudy had nothing else to say as he looked at the walls around Thousand Leaves City. Jackie quietly looked at the city, and could not stop himself from wondering what challenges they would face next. At that moment, footsteps could be heard coming from a distance.

The two of them looked over and saw a white-clothed man with a warm smile on his face. The man walking toward them was the first person they had seen in two days. The person did not look like he was planning anything bad, but Jackie could not help but feel like the person had ill intentions.

The man arrived in front of Jackie and Rudy and greeted, “I‘m an inner disciple from the Deer Pavilion. My name is Anthony Brown…”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, trying to remember that name. He had only been in Middle Province for a short time and had yet to memorize all of the clans there. Thankfully, Rudy has heard of the clan before.

Rudy knew that Jackie definitely did not know about the Deer Pavilion after seeing Jackie’s look of confusion. He lowered his voice and explained, “The Deer Pavilion is from the inner region of Middle Province. They’re among the best of the Seventh-grade clans.”

Jackie nodded slightly, understanding what was happening. Probably because he had mostly interacted with eighth-grade clans recently, the moment he heard that the Deer Pavilion was a seventh-grade clan, the only thing that flashed in his mind was ‘weak’.

After Anthony told them where he was from, he earnestly looked at the two alchemists. When he saw that the two of them did not seem surprised at the mention of the Deer Pavilion at all, he started to feel a little frustrated.

Anthony let out a slight cough as he said, “Have the two of you never heard about the Deer Pavilion? Haven’t you heard about a clan that‘s about to be promoted to an eighth-grade clan in the inner region? That’s the Deer Pavilion.”

Jackie and Rudy nodded slightly, not revealing much on their faces. Rudy felt like there was something wrong with the guy.

Does being promoted to an eighth-grade clan soon not mean they were still a seventh-grade clan?

Why was he saying all of that with such an arrogant look on his face?

It was no surprise that Rudy and Jackie did not react to the Deer Pavilion being a seventh-grade clan. After all, so many things had happened recently, and they had been interacting mostly with forces at the peak of Middle Province. Even though a seventh-grade clan was not bad, it was nothing in their eyes.

Anthony had looked so proud when he introduced his clan because the Deer Pavilion was somewhat famous in Middle Province. Even though eighth-grade clans were powerful, they were incredibly rare in the inner region. The inner region was mostly home to seventh and sixth-grade clans.

The Deer Pavilion stood at the peak among the seventh-grade clans, which meant that they were in the upper echelons of Middle Province’s inner region. Normally, revealing that he was from the Deer Pavilion earned him looks of respect. Yet, these two alchemists did not seem to care that he was from the Deer Pavilion at all. He could even see a look of disdain on the shorter alchemist.

Anthony suddenly felt frustrated at that.

Jackie was a little speechless at Anthony. After the guy said where he was from, he suddenly paused. He did not say why he was there, it seemed like that had been all Anthony wanted to say.

Jackie did not waste any time as he coughed out, “Do you have anything you need from us, the disciple of the Deer Pavilion? Do you need directions…”


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