No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2800

What could not be denied was that many people will definitely die inside. Jackie could not help but shake his head at that thought, discarding those notions.

He raised his head at Rudy, and Rudy nodded. The two of them started walking away from Black Sun City.

Right as they took a few steps away, the rumbling was suddenly heard from Black Sun City. It was as if a mechanism was moving. Jackie immediately grabbed Rudy’s arm, preparing for any danger. Yet, the expected danger did not happen. After the rumbling, a faint purple glow was seen from Black Sun City. The light gathered into an orb and formed in mid-air.

The orb was incredibly radiant. Jackie could not even keep his eyes open when he tried to look over. After the light was formed, it suddenly sped at him!

Jackie took a step back, but he remained in place after feeling no trace of an attack from the orb. He frowned in alarm as the orb stopped in front of him. He could hear a splashing sound next to his ears, as if a creek was flowing under his legs. Before he could see what had happened, the purple light dissipated, and a token floated in front of him.

Jackie grabbed that token in his palms. When he touched the token, a surge of the information entered his head.

Rudy anxiously stood behind Jackie, only looking with one eye as he processed everything that had happened in fear. When the token fell in Jackie’s palm, Rudy saw the words “Thousand Leaves City”.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he stared at the token curiously. After a while, he sighed with a look of realization on his face**.**

Rudy hurriedly asked, “What happened? What’s this token? Where is Thousand Leaves City? Are we going there next?”

Jackie nodded, placing the token into Mustard Seed before he looked at Rudy excitedly, “I finally know the real rules of the Whirling World!”

Rudy was stunned at that. Rudy widened his eyes as he looked at Jackie curiously. Jackie ignored him as he told Rudy all the information that had just gone into his mind.

There were countless cities in the Whirling World. They were spread out all over the world. There were a total of nine levels to the cities. Black Sun City that they had just left was a level nine city.

The Thousand Leaves City is a level eight-city. People can only enter a level eight-city after passing a level nine city.

Jackie could not suppress his excitement as he said, “With this token, we can enter Thousand Leaves City. Without it, we’d never be able to enter the area Thousand Leaves City is in. Without the tokens, you would only be able to constantly walk around level nine cities, even if you constantly advanced in the Whirling World. There would be no way to reach level eight cities. It also means that those without tokens for level seven cities will never find one!”

Hearing that explanation, Rudy gaped, feeling like the Whirling World was incredibly mysterious.


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