No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2799

“I think the most basic reason is that we’re not with the larger group. That’s why they kept those secrets from us. Listening to what Jordan and Manfred said, it‘s actually something a lot of people already know. Jordan is an inner disciple, but he knows about it. So it means the secret is not so tightly guarded.”

“The inner disciples of Phoenix Valley probably know about it as well. The alchemists that are with the larger group should already know about most of it.”

Rudy pursed his lips unhappily, “So we were excluded because we decided against following them. Doesn’t Elder Maurice favor you alot? Even if he couldn’t tell you everything, he should have at least told you some of it. Yet, he did not mention anything from the start. It’s as if he doesn’t know much about the Whirling World at all.”

Jackie shook his head, reaching out to pat Rudy on the shoulder, “Don’t let your thoughts wander so much. We’ll find out some things eventually. Honestly, my ties with Phoenix valley are over. Phoenix valley did not really give me any resources, and I’ve already paid back any debts I could have had. Since they don’t trust me so much, I won’t bother with certain things.”

Jackie naturally meant something behind his words, and Rudy realized it as well.

Rudy turned to look at Jackie and whispered, “Are you going to leave Phoenix Valley after the Whirling World just like me?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “I probably won’t go back… However, I’m not talking about going back to Phoenix Valley or not. I’m talking about what we should do if we meet anyone from Phoenix Valley after this.”

Rudy looked up at that, saying, “Will we still meet people from Phoenix Valley?”

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation. He kept on feeling like Rudy’s head was only half working. Sometimes, Rudy seemed alert, but other times Rudy seemed like a complete idiot.

Jackie helplessly explained, “If we continue going forward, we’ll definitely meet Phoenix Valley’s people. Phoenix Valley already knew the secrets beforehand, they should know where the key places in the Whirling World are as well. They might already be waiting in all those places. As long as we keep on going forward in the Whirling World, we‘ll meet them eventually.”

Rudy sighed, pursing his lips unwillingly, “I really don’t want to interact with them at all. I keep on feeling like they’re even more threatening than other clans.”

After saying everything he had to say, Jackie did not really have any reason to stay.

He turned to look at Black Sun City again. Black Sun City still looked the same as before. Its grayish black walls covered the whole city. Initially, Black Sun City represented a sliver of hope. Yet, it now seemed like a wild beast waiting for prey to enter its mouth. Four days was not too long, and not that short either. He did not know how many people had entered the city, but only Jackie had exited.

Jackie refused to believe that he would be the only person to make it out of the city.


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