No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2798

There are many more warriors for the other attributes. It’s possible that a large portion of them end up dying every round. Those wandering warriors went in so excitedly, but there were actually no true energy fields inside for them to improve themselves with. Instead, they entered a palace that wanted their lives!

Rudy got more and more afraid as he thought about it. He got so apprehensive that he paled.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, patting Rudy on the shoulder, but Rudy did not relax at all…

Rudy turned and pulled at Jackie’s arm, “It’s thanks to you stopping me earlier. Otherwise, I would definitely have died already!”

At that moment, Rudy’s thoughts were all over the place. After saying that, he changed the topic, “There’s still something I don’t understand. Didn’t someone say that there were true energy fields inside Black Sun City? No one said that it would be dangerous. Based on what those people said before, the true energy field seemed like a paradise for increasing one’s strength. However, there were no true energy fields after you went in, and just match after match! Were those people lying? Or were you all sent somewhere different because of your different attributes?”

Jackie shook his head, answering sincerely, “After I entered, I haven’t heard anything about true energy fields. Where did the news come from? Could the true energy fields have just been a broad term?”

Rudy shook his head, “Do you mean the true energy field is the whole Black Sun City?”

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, “I actually don’t know. After entering the Purple Soul Hall, I didn’t really think about that anymore. Who knows what true energy fields mean? Who knows where the rumor came from?”

Rudy frowned, they could not figure out what the true energy fields were in the end. However, they were not really in the mood to figure things out at that point.

Thinking about it, Rudy said helplessly, “It’s not like I have to figure out where the true energy fields are exactly. I just feel like there’s something off about the whole thing. There are so many secrets in front of us, but we can’t figure things out at all.”

The moment secrets were brought up, Jackie’s expression changed. He raised an eyebrow as he told everything he found out from those two to Rudy.

Rudy was stunned after he heard that. After a moment, he finally said, “So the higher-ups of Phoenix Valley already had a map of the Whirling World, and probably know a lot of the secrets of the world. Why did they not tell us anything at all? We ended up having to struggle in this world like headless flies. Black Sun City’s secrets might even already have been known by the higher-ups. We were just kept in the dark.”

Jackie nodded, “I agree with what you said. There are some things that were completely hidden from us, but we’re already obvious to all those people. For some reason, they were not willing to tell us anything.”

Rudy was furious when he heard about it, “Aren’t they just despicable? Even if they don’t want to give us the complete map, they should have at least given us some important information. They could have told us where the more dangerous places were or where there were more valuables. We would be able to save some effort. Yet, they did not tell us anything. Could it be because we’re not in the inner valley and not a core member of Phoenix Valley?”

Jackie shook his head, having already thought about the matter many times. There was a lot of speculation each time. He let out a sigh as he frowned.


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