No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2797

Jackie gave the plaza one last glance before he headed to the city gates. He did not just gain a lot from Black Sun City, he had gotten a few pieces of important news as well. He was forced to replan his future moves.

After exiting the city, Jackie immediately used the voice transfer array to contact Rudy. In just a moment, Rudy was seen running towards him.

Rudy widened his eyes as Rudy measured Jackie a few times, “You’re actually fine! I’ve really been letting my thoughts wander these few days. I’ve been constantly worrying about you!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “These few days? How long was I in there for?”

Rudy raised four fingers, “It‘s been four whole days. I‘ve been waiting outside the city the whole time. I was worried that someone would notice me. I even set up a simple obscuring array. I was so scared the past four days! I noticed that no one has come out of Black Sun City at all in those four days. You’re the only one who’s come out!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as his thoughts wandered. He did not expect four days to have passed. Even though he did not really keep track of time after entering the Purple Soul Hall, he thought it would only be a day at most. Yet, four days had passed in the actual world.

Could time have been distorted in the Purple Soul Hall?

However, there was no point in dwelling on that problem. What Jackie noticed was another one.

He frowned as he asked earnestly, “No one’s exited in the past four days? Other than me, no one has come out, even the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion?”

Rudy nodded seriously, “If I had seen anyone else come out, I wouldn’t be so worried about you. Your skills are plain to see after all. Even the strongest among those disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion is no match for you. Yet, days passed, and no one came out at all. It was only natural that I started to worry. There’ve been quite a few people arriving in Black Sun City the past few days as well. All of them entered so happily, but none of them came out!”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, “Didn’t the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion come out initially? They had definitely communicated about the rules before. Otherwise, Philip would never have sent in any replacements based on the rules inside!”

Jackie’s words caused Rudy’s eyes to widen as Rudy anxiously asked what was inside. Jackie sighed, not hiding anything from Rudy as he told Rudy everything that happened.

After Rudy heard that, he gaped as he looked at Black Sun City with an expression full of fear. He never expected the rules in the city to be so tyrannical that the loser would lose their lives. Even though the rules did not say that the loser would die in the second round, the results would still be the same as in the first round. Someone would lose their life, and someone would get a reward and escape!

Rudy shuddered slightly, “No wonder no one’s come out. It seems like most of them are probably already dead. Soul attribute warriors are fewer in number compared to any other attribute. Only three of you were in the Purple Soul Hall.”


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