No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2796

However, there was nothing he could do no matter how loud he shouted. Jackie had already reached his hand out towards the Purple Soul fruit. As he reached out, Jackie turned to look at Manfred as well.

Manfred could see a deep look of mockery in Jackie’s eyes.

Jackie was looking at Manfred like Manfred was the village idiot. It was then that Manfred realized that Jackie had always regarded him as an idiot.

During the start of the round, Manfred had even tried to bring up an alliance, trying to say that the only way to win was by working together. In truth, he had other plans, and Jackie had already seen through them. In the end, he became a tool to attract attention! Manfred felt like he had been played like a clown!

However, it was already too late to say anything. Jackie‘s hand had already touched the Purple Soul fruit. The moment Jackie touched the fruit, a bundle of purple mist enveloped him, and he disappeared the next second.

Manfred shut his eyes in hopelessness. There was no way Manfred could escape anymore. When space started distorting, Jackie finally breathed a sigh of relief. The last battle had been incredibly difficult. It was far more difficult than the first round. Thankfully, he still won in the end. In truth, the rules of the second match were both testing a person‘s character and a person’s ability.

Even though there was a rule that allowed them to share the Purple Soul fruit, many would choose to take the Purple Soul fruit for their own when faced with its allure.

Jackie never planned on working with Manfred from the start. Manfred already hated Jackie so much that there was no way he could work with Manfred. At a crucial moment, Manfred would definitely have done something to Jackie.

That was something anyone could have figured out. So, after Jackie heard that suggestion from Manfred, he immediately thought of another plan. He would have Manfred draw fire while he tried to get close to the fruit. Yet, he never expected the two Purple Soul beasts to have been explicitly prepared to target both of them. Facing even one Purple Soul beast had not been as easy as he thought it would be.

After the thought flashed in Jackie’s mind, the purple mist surrounding Jackie slowly dispersed as he dropped to the ground on his feet

When he could see clearly again, he noticed that he had already arrived at the small plaza from earlier. He was the only person in the plaza at that moment. It was so quiet that he could hear himself breathing.

Around the plaza were still the multicolored lights. Jackie sighed, relaxing. He wondered how many people would escape Black Sun City. Other than the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion, there were a few dozen wandering warriors that entered Black Sun City. In the end, he did not know how many people would make it out.

Warriors of different attributes would end up in different places. He did not know if those places would have different rules from the Purple Soul hall. Various thoughts played in Jackie’s head for a long time. He finally shook his head and discarded them.

No matter what, life or death depended on themselves. Jackie reached out his right hand. The Purple Soul fruit that had a faint purple glow to it was in his palm. The dense fragrance of the fruit assaulted his nose, enhancing his appetite.

If Jackie had not been composed enough, he might have eaten it in one gulp. He hurriedly put the fruit into Mustard Seed. The Purple Soul fruit was definitely amazing, but if he swallowed it whole now, he might end up exploding thanks to an overload of energy. He did not want to commit a low-grade mistake like that.

After entering the Purple Soul Hall, he lost track of time. He did not know how much time had passed, nor did he know where Rudy was.


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