No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2795

That caused Manfred to lose some hope. He could not just keep running like that. His true energy would be exhausted eventually. The Purple Soul beast was stronger than him and definitely had more true energy.

The moment his true energy ran out, he would be faced with death. However, the purple soul beast would definitely suddenly attack him if he wanted to get close. He would have to change directions for the sake of his life. The more he fled, the further he would be. Manfred hopelessly found that it was a vicious cycle.

At that moment, he looked toward Jackie. He noticed that Jackie was constantly adjusting his distance from the beast, and constantly attacking the beast. What shocked Manfred was the fact that the beast attacking Jackie already had two slowly blackening front claws. It was as if some sinister energy had tainted them.

At that moment, Jackie did not even think about anything around him. His full focus was on the beast in front of him. The laws of space constantly activated beneath his feet. He had already used Destroying the Void three times! Each time, a new wound was added to the beast.

Slowly, the beast was getting fatigued. It was not because of the loss of true energy, but because of its injuries slowing it down!

Jackie activated the laws of space, pulling himself a hundred feet apart again to give himself some breathing room. He frowned as he formed seals in his hands again. He was already almost depleted of true energy at that moment. After all, he had to use the laws of space while he constantly attacked. It used up too much true energy!

However, Jackie did not really care about that at that point. He shifted to a very good place this time as he constantly got closer to the Purple Soul fruit.

“Take this!” Jackie roared as he sent another slash at the Purple Soul beast.

The gray slash contained the laws of space as well. It clashed against the Purple Soul beast’s claws in a flash. With more cracks, the Purple Soul beast’s front claws suddenly seemed to weaken. It looked like it was about to shatter.

The black scars littered its two front claws. The beast roared in pain as the pain thoroughly angered it. The beast even started to ignore its injuries as it frantically rushed at Jackie. However, its claws were already heavily injured at that moment. Even if it frantically rushed at him, it was still a lot slower thanks to its injuries.

After realizing that the Purple Soul beast had started to slow down, Jackie suddenly let out a victorious smile.

He had worked so long for that precise moment. With a cold grunt, Jackie turned and charged right at the Purple Soul Fruit. No matter how loud the roars behind him were, Jackie was not affected at all. After all, the Purple Soul beast could not keep up with Jackie at its current speed.

After a short moment, Jackie was finally next to the Purple Soul Fruit.

Everything had been seen by Manfred, causing Manfred to go crazy!

He never expected Jackie to suddenly change directions after fighting the Purple Soul Beast for so long, suddenly getting close to the Purple Soul tree. He just needed to reach out to touch the Purple Soul Fruit!

“No!” Manfred let out a loud shout.

The moment Jackie touched the fruit, Jackie would be determined the winner, and he would forever remain in this space!

If he was alone, he would just be waiting for death. After Jackie left, the two beasts would rip him apart after his true energy was depleted.


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