No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2794

The Purple Soul Beast could think for itself as well. It could tell that Jackie was still not used to his current strength. It wanted to use that change to attack him again. At the very least, it wanted to injure Jackie.

The Purple Soul beast was incredibly quick. It caused Jackie’s heart to race as he narrowed his eyes and activated the laws of space immediately. He quickly changed directions in mid-air, and kept a distance from the beast. He could not let the beast get too close. Otherwise, he might lose his life that day!

The beast had incredibly strong defenses, and the beast had yet to use its natural born technique. The beast merely used its claws to slash at Jackie. Clashing against Destroying the Void, it might have been injured, but the results were much worse than what Jackie expected.

It was obvious that Jackie would not be able to kill the Purple Soul beast quickly, so Jackie was forced to get closer to the Purple Soul fruit with all his might!

“Ah..!” A cry of agony was heard behind Jackie.

Even if Jackie did not turn around to look, he knew that Manfred was definitely in a bad state.

Just as Jackie guessed, Manfred was in a horrible state. His arm had five slash wounds from a Purple Soul beast’s claw. Fresh blood stained his clothes red as Manfred cursed in pain. However, he was forced to frantically run away as he cursed.

Thankfully, Manfred specialized in speed, or he would not have lasted that long. Manfred clenched his teeth as he retreated, trying to plot in his mind as he ran. If he wanted to live, he had to retrieve the Purple Soul fruit. He hated Jackie immensely at that moment, so he did not forget to try and figure out how he would harm Jackie as he retreated. He wanted to trap Jackie here forever.

If Jackie had not suddenly attacked him earlier, he would not have faced the Purple Soul beast’s attacks without any preparation, causing his arm to get injured.

He roared angrily, “Just you wait, Jackie! I won’t let you off easily!”

He was incredibly quick, but the Purple Soul beast was not slow either. The two of them were about twenty feet apart. As Manfred fled, he constantly changed directions, trying to get closer to the Purple Soul Fruit.

The valley was oval shaped. In order to get enough distance between them, Manfred was running around the edges of the valley. The Purple Soul fruit was being guarded towards the eastern side of the center.

Manfred was already trying to get closer to the east side. As long as he could maintain a safe distance from the beast, he would be able to successfully get the Purple Soul fruit.

As long as he could get the Purple Soul fruit, it would not be long until he got out of there successfully!

After making up his mind, he coldly glanced at Jackie. He noticed that Jackie was still fighting against the other beast, and was instantly elated!

So what if Jackie was stronger than him?

He was faster than Jackie! As long as he touched the Purple Soul Fruit, Jackie would remain here forever!

He excitedly changed his directions in an instant. Yet, at that moment, the Purple Soul beast suddenly seemed to speed up!

Thirty feet of distance was suddenly shortened to twenty feet. Manfred was immensely terrified at that. He immediately tried to hide somewhere else, barely avoiding being attacked. Yet, at that moment, he was already further apart from the Purple Soul fruit, and was forced to look for another opportunity.

Something strange happened at that. After Manfred changed his directions, the Purple Soul beast lowered its speed. It was then did Manfred realize that the Purple Soul beast would suddenly attack as long as he got close to the fruit, and he would have to change his directions!


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