No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2793

The laws of space activated. He was already quite close to Manfred to begin with. With Jackie‘s sudden actions, he was in front of Manfred in a second.

Manfred never expected that Jackie would suddenly attack him. Before he could do anything, he felt a sharp pain on his back. A massive force was felt behind him, and he shot forward right at the two Purple Soul beasts like a sack that was being thrown.

Manfred immediately understood what Jackie was doing. He could not help but curse out loudly, “You despicable and shameless person! I won’t let you off lightly. I’ll rip you to shreds!”

Jackie had already heard words like that so many times. He just let the words brush past him, not caring at all. Manfred was still an inner disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. Even though he could not react to Jackie’s initial attack, he was still able to quickly adjust himself and stop the forward flying momentum. However, everything was already too late.

The moment Manfred shot towards the two Purple Soul beasts, had already judged that Manfred was planning to steal the Purple Soul fruit, and immediately attacked. However, Jackie was disappointed to see that the Purple Beasts were actually attacking too different targets. Jackie frowned helplessly, not expecting his plan to fail like that.

He had thought that he would be able to get the Purple Soul fruit easily with Manfred as a shield. The beast on the left rushed right at Manfred, while the one on the right charged at Jackie incredibly quickly.

It was the first time Jackie was facing a beast that was in the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm. His strength was even being restricted. He did not dare to hold back at all.

Seventy five Soul Swords condensed into one in the air. With a wave of Jackie’s right hand, the giant soul sword completely fused with his gray sword. Destroying the Void was Jackie’s greatest trump card.

The beast opened its mouth as it roared angrily at Jackie. It bared its claws at Jackie, causing his eyebrows to furrow. Jackie clutched his gray sword tightly, slashing right at the beast’s claws. Destroying the Void turned into a slash, clashing with the beast’s claws in the air. With a massive clash, the beast retreated a few steps backwards.

The technique’s shockwaves hit him, causing Jackie to take a step back. His eyes had been on the beast‘s claws the whole time. He wanted to see if he could injure the beast with a full force attack.

The beast’s right claw was trembling slightly. On closer look, there were numerous scars on the right claw. The wound had grayish black remains on it, looking like it was poisoned.

The wound on the white claw was constantly recovering, but it was incredibly slow. The Purple Soul beast let out a cry of agony. Its eyes were full of rage, as if it had been angered by Jackie.

Jackie frowned. The results were a far cry from what he expected. He had thought that the strike would at least be able to stop the beast from being able to use its right claw. Yet, the right claw was just injured. The bones did not break at all.

Jackie sighed as his expression soured. It looked like he needed to change his plans. He had to end things quickly!

The thought had just flashed in his mind when the beast started to attack again. Even though Jackie’s strike had injured the beast, it did not affect the strength of the beast’s next attack at all.


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