No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2792

Just as Jackie was deliberating the problem, Manfred’s voice was suddenly heard.

“Bastard! Even though we have deep grudges, I can temporarily forgive you for the sake of our lives. The two of us have to work together to solve this problem. We’ll only be able to leave this place if we work together! Didn’t that voice say earlier that the two of us would be sent out together if we touched the Purple Soul fruit at the same time? The fruit will be split into two as well. It would be fair for both of us!”

Hearing that, Jackie glanced at Manfred. He saw that Manfred was looking at him quite sincerely, as if he really meant it.

Jackie could not help but snort, not answering Manfred immediately.

Manfriend was infuriated when he saw that Jackie was acting up even just giving a response. Jackie was so disrespectful!

Even though he sounded nice, he had another plan in mind. As long as Jackie agreed to deal with the Purple Soul beasts together, he would definitely do something to Jackie after they successfully injured the Purple Soul beasts and got closer to the Purple Soul fruit.

He had to be the first one to touch the fruit. He would be the only one to escape and take the fruit for himself. Even though the rules had been clear and sounded fair, he did not want Jackie to gain anything from it!

The Purple Soul Fruit could only belong to him. He was also going to be the only person to escape this place!

After making a decision, he said again, “There‘s no other way around it! You’ll only be able to leave this place if you work with me. You can‘t deal with two Purple Soul beasts alone!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he turned to look at Manfred. He suddenly let out a light laugh as he said in a cold tone, “I don’t trust you. Who knows if you’ll do something to me after we work together?”

Manfred froze at those words. He could not believe that Jackie actually saw through his plans. However, Manfred would not admit to it even if Jackie was right.

He patted his chest in guarantee, “Don‘t worry! I never go back on my words!”

The guarantee was worthless to Jackie.

Jackie sighed as he looked at the two Purple Soul beasts. After thinking about it for a moment, he turned to look at Manfred.

“We can attack together. It will be down to your own skill to get the Purple Soul fruit.”

Manfred was unhappy to hear that. Even though he had never seen Jackie‘s true skills before, it was easy to tell that Jackie was stronger than him from the results of the first round.

He was no match for Jackie at all. If the two of them attacked together and ignored one another after that, he would be no match for Jackie.

Manfred rejected it immediately, “No way! You’re stronger than me. If we both attack, but you ignore me, the person who loses out will be me!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he let out a cold sneer. Just as Manfred was about to try convincing him, He suddenly shot forward at Manfred.


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