No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2791

Manfred thought about it for a moment. He felt like there was a high chance that he would die to those beasts.

At that moment, the cold voice resonated again, “There are two battles in the Purple Soul Hall. Each battle needs two participants. After the victor is determined in the first battle, you will get time to rest. After the time is up, the second stage commences! It‘s already time for the second stage. For this round, you only need to touch the Purple Soul fruit to win.”

After the voice spoke, a purplish-gold glow could be seen behind the two Purple Soul beasts. After the glow dispersed, a tree that was about the size of half a man appeared in front of the two of them.

There was a Purple Soul fruit that was about the size of a fist. Even though the two of them were not close to the fruit yet, they could still feel the energy flowing. Within the fruit even from a distance. The massive fruit would be able to attract attention where it was, considering the massive amount of energy that was inside.

Even the strongest of clans would fight over it. When Manfred looked at the fruit, even his breathing quickened. He curled his fists up as he resolved himself to get the fruit.

If he ate the fruit, he would definitely be able to completely reforge himself and improve. After exiting the Whirling World in two years, he might even be able to become a chosen disciple.

Only a chosen disciple could truly be considered someone who was at the core of the Unbreaking Pavilion. At the worst, they would be an elder in the future. Thinking about his bright future, Manfred could not even hold back the smile on his face. He even forgot how hard it would be to obtain the Purple Soul Pruit. The cold voice continued to speak after the two of them showed their interest.

“The second match will be the final match you will go through in Black Sun City. Whoever touches the Purple Soul fruit will be the victor. The victor will be sent out of the Purple Soul Hall immediately. You‘ll be sent to the plaza that you arrived in, and the Purple Soul fruit will be your reward!”

Manfred got even more excited after hearing that. Jackie raised an eyebrow, feeling like there was something hidden behind that. He sighed before he asked loudly, “What will happen to the person who remains?”

In truth, Jackie was just asking casually. He did not expect the cold voice to respond to him. After all, Black Sun City was a city left behind from ancient times. All of the mechanisms here had gone through tens of thousands of years.

There was no way anything was alive. Yet, he was in disbelief that he got a response. The cold voice calmly said, “The person who remains will stay here forever! If the two of you touch the fruit at the same time, the two of you will be determined to have won together. You will both be sent out to the plaza, and the Purple Soul fruit will be split in two.”

The earlier part was exactly what Jackie had guessed, but the latter part had a lot more. Even though it did not sound like much, Black Sun City was definitely not a paradise.

The one who lost the first match would have his life immediately taken. The rules had been so cruel, so how could the second stage be merciful?

If the two of them touched the fruit at the same time, they would be determined to have won together and be sent out at the same time. That was definitely not something that sounded like what the Purple Soul Hall would do.

Jackie felt that things were more and more strange as he thought about it. After the voice finished saying all that. It completely disappeared. The voice did not say what would happen to the two Purple Soul beasts, but anyone with half a brain knew that the beasts would immediately attack the moment they got close to the Purple Soul fruit.


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