No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2790

“What the hell is this?! Why is there so much purple mist? What is it trying to do?! Could this mist be poisoned? Will I die of poisoning here?!”

He had already let fear and shock fill up his heart. He did not even care for his own dignity anymore. He was terrified that he would die there. Jackie did not say a single thing as thoughts flashed in his mind. He still remembered what he read on the Purple Soul Plate. After winning, he would get a reward and be sent to the second location.


Suddenly, a howling wind could be heard next to him. The gust of wind came incredibly suddenly. Both Jackie and Manfred lost their footing in the wind. Thankfully, Jackie was always on alert and was not blown to the ground.

Manfred was not that lucky. After the purple mist had surrounded Manfred, Manfred was only left with fear and shock in his mind. He did not fall on the ivory floor of the Purple Soul Hall, but on mud instead. Looking around, the ceiling of the Purple Soul Hall had turned into a blue sky. They were in a large valley, situated in the middle of it. Around them were large mountains.

Manfred mumbled to himself, “Where is this place? Was I transferred?”

That thought also flashed in Jackie’s mind, but he discarded that notion after thinking about it for a moment. Jackie was certain that he had not been transported. The whole time, space did not distort at all. It was his surroundings that changed, and not himself.

Manfred climbed up from the ground as he looked around himself in a panic. Jordan’s corpse had already disappeared as if it was never there.

At that moment, Manfred regretted things a little. Earlier, he had been in a panic to protect himself. He had not even retrieved Jordan’s body. Jackie frowned as he looked around his surroundings. When he looked right in front of him, his entire body stiffened.

The growls of two wild beasts were suddenly heard. Manfred naturally heard it as well. When they looked towards the source of the sound, they saw two Purple Soul beasts that were taller than humans in front of them.

The Purple Soul beasts had clearly noticed the two of them. Yet, for some reason, they were merely blaring their teeth at Jackie and Manfred in a warning. They did not move at all.

Jackie immediately pulled out his gray sword from Mustard Seed, preparing for battle.

Manfred did not know what the Purple Soul beasts were, but could still feel how strong the beasts were, “They’re actually… At the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm!”

Regular Purple Soul beasts were only about as tall as half a person. The purple on their bodies were not as dense as the two beasts either. Those two Purple Soul beasts had obviously already completely matured and were already at the peak of their skills. Even Jackie had to take a step back facing those two Purple Soul beasts. Being restricted by the laws of the world, Jackie was only at the late stage of the innate realm.

He might not be afraid of early-stage spring solidifying realm Purple Soul beasts, but it did not mean he could face those two middle stage ones calmly. Manfred gulped, his legs already feeling like jelly.

They were two middle stage spring solidifying realm beasts. They were much stronger than he was at that moment. If they faced each other in battle, he might not even be able to run!


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