No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2789

“Five of those fellow disciples of yours are already dead. Otherwise, how could I have appeared here?”

The moment he said that Manfred felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over him. Philip’s image suddenly flashed in Manfred’s mind. If the guy really was just an unskilled alchemist like they had thought, then everything would have been fine. Yet, Jackie was so strong, and suddenly appeared in Purple Soul Hall!

Something must have happened outside.

Manfred suddenly looked up, “What did you say? What did you do outside? Did you kill my fellow disciples? Did Philip die by your hands?!”

Manfred seemed to have been immensely shocked. He took a step back as he looked at Jackie with clenched teeth. He was already regarding Jackie as his mortal enemy. He wanted to rip Jackie to shreds.

“Jackie, right?! I won‘t let you off! I absolutely won’t!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, feeling like Manfred was already about to go crazy at that moment. He really did not want to bother dealing with Manfred anymore. At that moment, the sounds of some mechanisms moving around could be heard around the Purple Soul Hall, stunning the two of them.

The two of them looked around excitedly. There were still no changes in their surroundings, but the clicking and clacking never stopped. The sounds were a clear sign that something was about to change.

As the two of them were filled with confusion, the purple mist was suddenly shot out around them. The two of them immediately moved to the center, trying to avoid the purple mist.

No one knew what the purple mist was. At that moment, they put aside their combative hearts as they stared at the surroundings. Manfred might have been full of anger and hatred at that moment, but he still tossed those emotions aside. After all, his own life was more important. He had not even been in time to retrieve Jordan’s corpse or move it away from the purple mist.

When Jackie saw how selfish Manfred was, he suddenly felt incredibly amused.

Manfred looked like he was ready to fight against Jackie to the death earlier. It was as if he had deep ties with Jordan. Yet, all those ties seemed to have been forgotten at a crucial juncture. Jackie was already used to people like that. He merely felt that it was amusing.

In a short time, the purple mist had already surrounded everywhere except for the two of them.

Slowly, Jackie noticed that the purple mist seemed to have a mind of its own. It deliberately avoided their bodies, only covering everywhere else.

Jackie frowned. At that moment, the gray mist had obscured his sight of everything except for himself. Yet, he could still hear his surroundings.

Manfred was noticeably more anxious than Pane was. After Manfred’s vision was obscured, Manfred started to gulp audibly…


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