No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2788

Those Purple Soul Gems would definitely help Jackie complete Destroying the Void after Jackie completely absorbed them. When the time came, he would definitely have a strong foothold in the Whirling World. After all, the Whirling World focused on the skills and techniques of the warriors there. All of their power levels had been restricted to the late stage of the innate realm. They could not use their realms to trample over their opponents and had to use the skills and techniques they knew.

With that in mind, Jackie could not hold back the smile on his face. He had always been an incredibly calm person, but he was beginning to lose his composure as he placed the Purple Soul Gems into Mustard Seed. He was constantly thinking about where he needed to go next and what challenges he would face.

At that moment, a low shout was heard next to him, “You despicable, petty man. You killed Jordan, but you benefitted so much from it. I won’t let you get away with this. I absolutely won’t!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Only he was left alive in the Purple Soul Hall along with Manfred. Even if he did not look over, he still knew what kind of expression Manfred had at the moment.

Manfred continued to shout as loud as he could, “Don’t think you’ve gotten what you want after getting the reward. After leaving the Purple Soul Hall, you still need to face my fellow disciples. They definitely won’t let you go. They’ll completely destroy you!”

Jackie turned and saw that Manfred‘s eyes were thoroughly reddened. At that moment, Manfred had his teeth clenched, looking like an angered lion. Manfred looked like he wanted to rush over and rip Jackie apart.

Jackie shook his head speechlessly.

Jackie said with a cold smile, “Even if you’re angry at your lack of ability, can you think about things before you go crazy? Did I cause his downfall? He’s clearly the one who’s skills were lacking. He lost so completely. Who can you blame for that? How dare you call me despicable?”

Ever since he arrived at Hestia Continent, Jackie had gone through many things. He had heard a lot of people shouting at him angrily. He was already used to it, but even after getting used to it, he still hated people blaming him for no reason. Even shouting at people needed some brains. It was the two of them who wanted him to compete against them. Yet, after losing, Manfred was blaming Jackie for being despicable.

Jackie really wondered where Manfred got the courage to shout at Jackie like that.

Manfred’s lips stiffened, not knowing What to say back at Jackie. Yet, he was not willing to admit defeat, so he stood up from the ground and glared at Jackie, not averting his gaze for a single second.

“The Unbreaking Pavilion is one of the top clans of Middle Province. Don’t think that you can be pleased with yourself just because you won the match and you got the rewards! The Unbreaking Pavilion won’t just sit down idly and suffer this. After we leave this place, I’ll definitely make sure you suffer. You’ll know how strong the Unbreaking Pavilion is!”

There were fifteen disciples who went to Black Sun City. Even though their skills were uneven, none of them were runner disciples. They were all outer and inner disciples. Even an outer disciple was more than enough to face a regular person. Even though Jackie was strong enough to get twice the results of Jordan, that did not mean anything!

Numbers were still absolutely. After leaving the Purple Soul Hall, he would definitely gather all his fellow disciples to surround Jackie. No matter how strong Jackie was, there was no way Jackie could escape from so many attackers. Furthermore, Manfred had resolved silently that he would not let Jackie die so easily. He would make sure Jackie’s life was absolute torture to pay his respects to Jordan!

Manfred’s eyes were so venomous that Jackie pursed his lips helplessly. Jackie let out a cold smile as he continued speaking.


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