No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2787

How did Jackie manage to kill two hundred?

In the isolated space, Jordan might have been certain that he would win, but he did not slack off. He still did what he could to kill the Purple Soul beasts.

After a candle’s worth of time, his true energy had been completely depleted! Eighty beasts were already his limit, but he never expected Jackie to double his count!

Jordan shook his head crazily, “Impossible! How could you have doubled my number?! You’re just an alchemist. I’m a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. I’d already reached the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm in Hestia Continent! Among the inner disciples, I’m one of the top! How are you stronger than me? There has to be a problem. The Purple Soul Plate must have a problem!”

He refused to accept the truth and was even sure that the Purple Soul Plate definitely miscounted. Otherwise, their results could not possibly be so different. How was this alchemist stronger than him at all? How did Jackie kill more than twice his number?!”

Even Manfred refused to accept that fact, but Manfred did not know what to say. Manfred had personally witnessed the results growing further and further apart. He had personally seen Jackie leaving Jordan in the dust. At that moment, he wanted to console Jordan, but he did not know what to say.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not caring about how crazily Jordan was acting. He merely looked at the ceiling of the hall. That tournament concerned their life and death. The person who lost would have to pay with their lives.

Did the plate not say that the loser would be struck by the Purple Soul Lightning? Why was nothing happening?

Just as he was thinking about that, a purple cloud suddenly formed in the skies. Everything had happened far too suddenly. Before Jackie could react, a flash of purple lightning shot down from mid-air. It precisely struck at Jordan.

Jordan was still trying to deny Jackie’s results and did not notice the changes in the sky. With a crack, Jordan’s body turned black immediately. His eyes widened, and his whole body froze in place!

Jackie turned to look over, and found that Jordan’s chest was no longer moving. Another string of thunder strikes as countless flashes fell from the skies followed. All of them struck Jordan on his body.

Jackie did not even hear any cries of agony from Jordan.

With a thud, Jordan’s body fell right to the floor of the hall. At that moment, Jordan’s body was burnt to a crisp by the lightning. There was no way to even tell what he had looked like before. A burnt smell came from the corpse.

Jackie could not help but raise an eyebrow as he took a step back. At that moment, Manfred was already about to go crazy. He had just witnessed the senior he had respected so much get struck to death alive. There was no way to even stop it!

After a few more moments, the lightning stopped, and Jordan was utterly dead. With a thud, Manfred knelt next to Jordan. Tears had started to fall from his eyes.

Jackie turned away, not wanting to bother seeing their emotional state. He lamented in his heart that the laws of the Purple Soul Hall were really tyrannical. The loser had to die!

At that moment, the Purple Soul Plate suddenly released another purplish gold glow. A bundle of light shot out from the Purple Soul Plate. Jackie looked over and saw that the glow was slowly floating towards him. Jackie raised an eyebrow as he reached his hands out, and the light fell into his palm. After the light dispersed, Jackie saw its original look. It was actually ten purplish-gold gems.

The voice was heard again, “To the winner goes Purple Soul Gems. The Purple Soul Gems are valuable gems from first grade worlds. Absorbing them will increase your aura!”

Jackie’s eyes had a look of surprise in them. The moment he heard the words the Purple Soul Gems, Jackie immediately recalled what the benefits of absorbing Purple Soul Gems were.

Even if they were not as amazing as the Shattered Soul Crystals Jackie had absorbed before, they were still incredibly valuable treasures. There were ten Purple Soul Gems, and each one of them was the size of half a palm. Jackie could not even hold on to the ten of them properly!


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