No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2786

“Brat! You must have had a difficult time being chased after by the Purple Soul beasts. Don’t think I don’t know how pathetic you looked while you were being chased just because you’re acting like you don’t care.”

Jackie looked at Jordan speechlessly after he heard that. After that, he looked at Manfred, who was in front of Jordan. Their expressions were incredibly different at that moment. Manfred’s lips were constantly twitching and looked like he had a lot to say.

Jordan was not in the mood to care about Manfred at all. Instead, Jordan had his eyes on Jackie. He wanted to see how Jackie would be killed by the lightning. He wanted to see if Jackie could still remain calm if that happened. From the moment he saw Jackie, Jackie had a look of incredible confidence from the moment he walked in. Even though Jordan thought it was funny, he still really wanted to see Jackie stumble.

Jackie did not die in the isolated space, which Jordan felt was a huge pity. However, Jordan was incredibly confident at that moment. Even if Jackie did not die in the isolated space, Jackie was about to die right there!

Jackie would die anyway, there was no room for Jackie to struggle.

What shocked him was the fact that Jackie did not show any signs of fear after hearing that. Instead, Jackie looked like he was incredibly amused. Jackie’s lips curled up slightly as Jackie looked at him with a mocking expression.

After a moment, Jackie suddenly said, “Don’t you know your own results? Do you not know how many Purple Soul beasts you killed?”

Jackie’s words caused Jordan to feel incredibly strange.

What did Jackie mean by that? Jackie was acting like He was the victor, while Jordan had lost.

Jordan was incredibly frustrated with Jackie. He turned to look at Manfred, wanting Manfred to start mocking Jackie as well. Yet, Jordan was stunned again when he saw Manfred’s expression. It was because Manfred was looking at him with a look of hopelessness. Anyone could tell that Manfred had a lot he wanted to say, but could not.

Jordan started to get confused. Why was Manfred looking at him like that? Was there something he did not know?

Jordan frowned, unable to stop himself from raising his voice as he said, “Manfred, why are you looking at me like that? Could something have happened? Just tell me! Are you really hiding things from me?”

Manfred’s body shook as he turned around to glare at Jackie viciously. In his eyes, Manfred looked like he wanted to tear Jackie apart.

There were some things he definitely should say, but he could not bring himself to. After a few moments, Manfred pointed behind Jordan, “The Purple Soul Plate has your results. You should be the one on the left, while Jackie’s the one on the right. Just take a look yourself!”

Jordan was taken aback again by Manfred‘s words.

What was Manfred saying? Why did he need to look at the results? Were they not obvious? Could Jackie be better than him?

However, Jordan did not say anything else to that. He turned to look at the Purple Soul Plate behind him. At that moment, there were two numbers on the plate. On his side was clearly an eighty, meanwhile, two hundred and forty was on Jackie’s side. When he saw that, Jordan felt like he had been struck by lightning, he could not even blink.

Jackie’s words flashed in his mind. Did he not know how many beasts he killed?

Of course, he did.

He had killed exactly eighty. It was exactly like the numbers on the Purple Soul Plate. Yet, Jackie’s side was clearly two hundred! There was no need for any explanation, and Jordan finally reacted.

No wonder Manfred was reacting like that. Jackie had actually killed two hundred Purple Soul beasts!

Jackie had won!

The truth was right in front of Jordan, and Jordan could not bring himself to accept it.


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