No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2785

Jackie’s attacks sped up by the minute, not at all fazed by the spring solidifying realm beasts. After all, he was capable of killing early-stage spring solidifying realm beasts and warriors when he was at the late stage of the innate level. His strength might have been tamed at that moment, but he was much stronger than before!


Back in Purple Soul Hall, Manfred covered his mouth, finding himself unable to muster a sentence for a long while.

The difference in both men’s results was only widening. The candle was about to finish burning, and the left side was at 71 beasts while the right side showed 200.

Jackie and Jordan must have swapped positions for the results to make sense, but Manfred was still racked with worry. If nothing was wrong with the Purple Stone Plate, with the left side representing Jordan while the right side representing Jackie, then everything would be done for. The loser of this competition had to pay with his life!

Manfred mumbled to himself, “There’s something wrong with the Purple Stone Plate, there must be! Their positions must’ve been switched. Yes, that must be it! Otherwise, how could that brat’s results double Jordan’s?”

“It’s impossible! That man is nothing but an alchemist, while Jordan is an inner disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion and a top-ranking one, at that. How could he compare to Jordan?!”

Manfred rambled on as he tried to hype Jordan. Time was almost up, and the results of the right and left sides were more or less certain.

The left side stopped at 80, while the right side stopped at 240. It was evident how both men were worlds apart. At that moment, Manfred’s breathing grew erratic as he silently prayed.

At that moment, the Purple Soul Plate emitted a purple glow, and a beam of light appeared where Jordan had disappeared earlier. Manfred’s heart jumped as he stared at his direction with widened eyes.

He silently mumbled, “The left side must be Jackie‘s score. It had to be!”

Once the purple light dispersed, Manfred spotted a very familiar figure. On Jordan’s face was a wide smile as he looked every bit the part of a victor. Once the light dispersed, he saw his junior staring at him with wide eyes.

He had thought that Manfred would be looking at him with happiness and respect, but Manfred was instead looking at him with a look that was far different from what he expected. Manfred’s eyes were incredibly wide, and there was a trace of disappointment and even hopelessness on his face. This stunned Jordan.

Why was Manfred looking at him like that? Could something have happened?

At that moment, Jordan could not help but be a bit worried. Before he could figure out what happened, the purple glow on the right side dispersed as Jackie‘s figure appeared before Jordan. At that moment, Jordan’s face soured as if his father had just died.

The clown had survived after all?

He should consider himself lucky that he managed to survive against an attack by ten Purple Soul beasts!

He must have been frantically running for his life in that space. Otherwise, Jackie could not have stayed alive!

With that thought in mind, Jordan sneered and stared at Jackie disdainfully.


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