No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2784

If the Whirling World had not forcibly raised his strength, he might not have been able to face even ten Purple Soul beasts. Jackie might have been injured or died fighting the beasts!

Jordan snorted in disdain.

While Jordan relished being self-gratified, Manfred was frozen outside. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets because the Purple Soul Plate before him had changed drastically. The results were shown in detail.

The words that were on the Purple Soul Plate were all gone and were replaced with two sets of numbers instead. The left side displayed the number 10 while the right side displayed 20.

Manfred remembered that Jordan had placed his hand on the left side of the Purple Soul Plate, and Jackie placed his hand on the right. This meant that Jordan’s results were on the left, while Jackie’s results were on the right.

Jackie had twice Jordan’s score, and there was no mistaking it for Manfred. He remembered what he felt like when the two of them entered. He had been so certain that Jackie would lose, but not only would it not be Jackie struck by the Purple Soul Lightning, but Jordan, instead, would be!

Manfred was frozen in place, refusing to believe what he was seeing. He even started to wonder if he had remembered things wrongly, that Jackie’s score was on the left while Jordan’s score was on the right. His lips quivered, and his eyes reddened.

“How is this happening? Is something wrong with the Purple Soul Plate?” Manfred tried feeding himself with excuses.

As time ticked away, the numbers on the Purple Soul Plate constantly changed as both Jackie and Jordan did everything they could to kill the Purple Soul beasts.

The two of them were confident in themselves. Even though they could not see the results of their opponent, they believed that their opponent was not as good as they were. Jordan, in particular, was killing the Purple Soul beasts while assuming Jackie would collapse with injuries.

He believed that Jackie would not even be able to hold on until the candle’s flame went out, believing the beasts would end him before then. The more he thought about it, the happier Jordan was and executed skill after skill quickly. Even though he was constantly expending his true energy, Jordan did not care at all.

After all, Jackie’s results would be inferior to his, anyway. There was no real reason for him to kill as many Purple Soul beasts as he could.

Jordan‘s lips curled up as he suddenly shouted, “You‘re done for here, you fool! I have an earth rank technique, while you’re a mere alchemist. You probably have a yellow level technique at most! You’re a whole different level from me. How could you think you wouldn’t need to be afraid? What made you even think you’re stronger than me?!”

Jackie was just a clown. He had the gall to be so cocky just because he did not know his place. Unfortunately for Jackie, he did not know how strong the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were.

He probably realized how useless he was. Jordan would no doubt walk out of this space with a dead Jackie once the whole duration for this challenge ended!

In the other space, Jackie unleashed more of his slashes as he found himself already in tune with the battle. Even though there were a lot of Purple Soul beasts, it was always a fixed number of beasts that came at him. All of it was within the realm of Jackie’s capabilities.

He killed the Purple Soul beasts batch by batch. After all, he used an ultimate god level technique, and the technique was already at the second stage.

Even if the Purple Soul beasts he faced doubled, he would be able to handle it.

Destroying the Void was far too strong, and the bodily composition of the Purple Soul beasts was very weak to spirit-based attacks as well. The power Destroying the Void had was evident against these beasts. The moment they were hit by the slashes, they would crumble like paper.


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