No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2783

Of the ten beasts, nine were at the middle stage of the innate level and one at the late stage. All of them bared their fangs as they viciously stared at Jackie.

Jackie sighed in relief upon recognizing the situation, and his worry that all these beasts would jump him altogether was false after all. With all of them split into batches, the battle would be much easier for him. He rushed forward with both his hands on the sword’s hilt. He shouted out as he swung toward the ten Purple Soul beasts. Destroying the Void turned into a slash that sped toward the ten Purple Soul beasts at a visible pace.

The black slash turned into a crescent shape in mid-air, looking to be about 9 meters wide. Even though no intense energy fluctuated from the slash, it moved forward constantly.

The ten Purple Soul Beasts, however, acted as though they were not concerned about dying, that Jackie was all that they needed to deal with.

The rumbling slash clashed against the ten Purple Soul beasts, but the sharp slash broke through the Purple Soul beasts’ defenses in a flash.

What surprised Jackie was that the bodies of the Purple Soul beasts looked solid, but they crumbled like paper after they were hit with Destroying the Void.

Destroying the Void was a soul attribute attack that could slash through a person’s body and straight toward the soul, but it did not truly deal that much physical damage.

This technique should have hit the Purple Soul beasts like before, hitting their souls by passing through their bodies… But it did not happen like Jackie thought it would.

Destroying the Void started to display an immense destructive power when it slashed against the beasts. The creatures did not even last for a few seconds before they shattered under the might of Destroying the Void. The ten beasts disappeared into thin air. The speed was so quick that it surprised Jackie.

“Is their body compositions different from what I expected?” said Jackie with a frown.


Meanwhile, in another isolated space, ten Purple Soul beasts were attacking Jordan, who bravely faced them with a determined expression. He was incredibly close to Philip, and they even used the same skills.

Spatial shards surrounded Jordan. The Purple Soul beasts lunged toward him, but try as they might, they could not come close to him. The sharpness of the spatial shards was not something regular middle or late stage innate realm beasts could withstand.

Those spatial shards were also able to strike at the soul. Jordan’s specialty was not spatial attacks but was, instead, soul attribute attacks. Otherwise, he would not have been sent to the Purple Soul Hall. However, soul attributes were far too rare and were incredibly hard to learn as well. That was why he took great pains to choose a combination technique to reduce the difficulty.

“Die!” Jordan shouted angrily.

The spatial shards suddenly exploded, and the Purple Soul Beasts disappeared after that.

Jordan could not help but laugh as he looked at the corpses on the floor. The ten Purple Soul beasts might have been a little difficult to deal with, but he swiftly ended them in mere seconds.

He estimated that he should be able to kill 80 or 90 of them in the time it took for a candle to finish burning. Jackie’s image flashed in his mind, and he cursed at him, the fool who just loved to brag.

With Jackie’s bit of strength, it would be impressive enough if he could even kill ten of the beasts. After all, Jackie had only been at the middle stage of the innate level in the real world at most.


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