No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2782

Jordan turned to nod at Manfred as he then walked to the other side of the Purple Soul Plate, placing his hand on the plate as well. Just like what happened before, the purple rays of light enveloped his hand the moment he did.

A thunderous rumble was heard, and the three of them were taken aback at the same time. Before they could even react, two rays of dark purple light covered Jordan and Jackie. The next second, both of them disappeared from the hall.


It was an incredibly barren world. Other than the yellow soil on the ground, Jackie and Jordan could not see anything else. Raising their heads, all they could see was the purple sky that encompassed everything. They had already read the rules on the Purple Soul Plate, and Jackie knew that they would be sent to a different world for a battle to the death. Nonetheless, he was surprised that the battle was done individually.

At that moment, a deep voice was heard in the skies, saying, “The duration of the match will be the length of a candle. In the time it takes for a candle to burn out, whoever kills even more Purple Soul beasts will win!”

Jackie sighed, feeling the heat of the moment slowly getting to him. He might have been nervous during competitions that he had faced before, but he never felt the pressure he was feeling at this very moment. It was probably because of the time limit, as well as the fact that he could not see Jordan.

Suddenly, a dark purple-colored mist started to appear around him. The mist suddenly moved, covering everything with Jackie at the center.

Jackie frowned, pulling out a dark gray sword from Mustard Seed as he readied himself. He started to hear something crackling, sounding like something had shattered. The deep purple mist around him grew denser soon after, and Jackie’s eyebrows furrowed even more tightly.

After a few moments, the mist suddenly dispersed. It was then did Jackie notice that a myriad of beasts, all formed with purple-hued gems, had formed around him. The gems were transparent, too. If Jackie did not see the facial features of the beasts on the heads, Jackie would have thought they were all just an ore.

Those must have been the Purple Soul beasts that the Purple Soul Plate talked about. The Purple Soul beasts were about the height of half a person, with rows of teeth lining up in their mouths. These beasts stared at Jackie pointedly, as though they were staring at their prey. They looked like they wanted to tear him apart.

“Middle stage of the innate level… Late stage of the innate level! There are even spring solidifying realm beasts!” said Jackie to himself.

At a glance, there were over 100 Purple Soul beasts around him, and most of the Purple Soul beasts were at the middle or the late stage of the innate realm. There were fewer spring solidifying realm beasts, but their number was nothing to scoff at.

Jackie felt like he was in trouble. He could very well struggle if these beasts rushed at him altogether.

It was hard to fight outnumbered. No matter how strong he was, there were too many beasts he had to face!

Jackie took a deep breath and removed the troubling thoughts from his mind. His hands constantly moved as seals formed quickly, and in a flash, 75 Soul Swords appeared in front of Jackie.

Jackie waved, and the 75 Soul Swords merged into one, turning into a grayish-black light that condensed around his gray sword. The gray glow started to hum.

Jackie made sure he was in his best condition, and ten of the Purple Soul beasts started to rush at Jackie.


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