No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2781

“Read the rules before you attack. Anyone who makes a move in this hall will be attacked by the Purple Soul Hall’s aura without prejudice. Torment will befall upon their soul.’’

Jordan felt as though he was dunked in cold water upon hearing those words, and it snapped him out of his angry trance.

Manfred hurriedly grabbed onto Jordan’s arm from behind him. “Don’t get so worked up, Jordan. Black Sun City is a treasure left behind from ancient times. Our levels of strength are so weak right now, and we can’t possibly go against the laws of Purple Soul Hall.”

Jordan’s face stiffened as he forced himself to withhold his anger. He looked at Jackie coldly, gritting his teeth as he snarled, “I won’t bother with a dead man like you!”

Jackie laughed, unfazed by his words.

Manfred frowned as he said, “You’re looking rather confident, brat! Are you possibly planning on not putting your hand on the Purple Soul Plate and not fighting against us?”

Jordan’s eyes widened at Manfred’s guess. He felt like that could very well have guessed Jackie’s intentions, which made him internally panic.

He shouted, “Keep dreaming! Even if we don’t actually attack, he’ll still be able to force you into the Purple Soul Plate without using any skills. Don’t think of trying any petty tricks!”

Manfred nodded seriously.

At that moment, he suddenly had a thought in his mind. He retrieved a pill from his storage ring as he said with a cold smile, “This pill is called the Soul Melting Fill, and upon taking this, you’ll feel your soul burning as though grilled in the flames of hell if you don’t take the antidote within an hour. That pain isn’t something you can compare to physical pain, of course. Even sturdy, trained men will suffer immensely after taking this pill and follow our instructions in the end! You can’t escape it!”

Jackie laughed at their threats, not taking their words to heart. From the start, he had not planned on avoiding the life-and-death battle at all.

The Purple Soul Plate wrote that only the victor would be able to obtain the treasures within the Purple Soul Hall, and Jackie did not enter Black Sun City just for sightseeing. He was looking for treasures to help improve his strength.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “You don’t have to waste your time to think of all that; I’ve never planned on not participating in this match. Everything that needs to be said has been said. There’s no need to delay things anymore.”

Jackie thus walked toward the Purple Soul Plate. While the other two were still stunned, he placed his hand on the plate. The Purple Soul Plate suddenly shot out rays of purplish-gold light the moment Jackie put his hand on it, and it illuminated Jackie’s right hand.

Jackie turned around with a frown. “I’m ready. Are you two still going to waste time?”

Manfred and Jordan finally reacted.

Jackie’s behavior exceeded their expectations. They were both so sure that Jackie would try something against them, but the fool was actually even more eager than they were!

Jordan frowned. Since Jackie had already done that, they would seem petty if they wasted any more time.


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