No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2780

Everything had been done just to prevent other forces from messing things up after knowing the truth. Everything felt like a joke the more Jackie delved into the matter. Both Phoenix Valley and Unbreaking Pavilion were utterly despicable!

Jackie sighed as he raised his head and asked again, “The grudge between the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley had just been a ruse after all? Do all of you disciples know that?”

Jordan raised an eyebrow, a bit alarmed by Jackie’s question. Wandering warriors typically would not have asked something like that, but at the thought that Jackie was to meet his demise soon, he did not bother thinking too deeply about it.

He thus nodded without any hesitation. “It’s not like every single disciple in the Unbreaking Pavilion knows about it, though, there aren’t many who know. It’ s basically some chosen disciples as well as the more valued inner disciples.”

Jordan raised his head proudly at his own explanation. It was obvious that the two of them were among the valued inner disciples.

Jackie did not feel more relaxed at the answer. Instead, he felt anger for being toyed around with.

The elders knew everything, but they did not even let him look at the map even if he knew. Even if they could not give the whole map to Jackie, they could have at least let him look at the important places.

He had entered the Whirling World without knowing a single thing. Even though Jackie was not afraid, he had his concerns. The elders of Phoenix Valley knew that, but they still hid the truth from Jackie.

Jackie felt like he had been completely fooled. He could understand the fact that he had not been in Phoenix Valley for that long and that they could not possibly tell him everything, but they could have at least given Jackie some help.

They did not tell him anything at all!

In truth, Jackie had not gained that much from Phoenix Valley. He did obtain a promising amount of spirit crystals from refining pills, but that was down to his hard work. He even had to pay certain fees for them. He single-handedly obtained victory for Phoenix Valley against Sky Peak Pavilion, too. Without him, Phoenix Valley would have lost that tournament. Not only would Phoenix Valley lose a lot of resources, but it would also decimate their reputation.

Jackie had contributed a lot to Phoenix Valley, but they did not seem to appreciate that at all. They knew the truth, but they did not give Jackie any help nor a hint.

To this, Jackie could not help but feel bitter. He sighed as he looked up at the Purple Spirit Plate in exasperation.

“You’ve asked so many questions, and we’ve answered all of them. You have to answer the questions I ask you now,” said Jordan with a raised eyebrow.

Jackie nodded and turned to look at Jordan.

With a smile, Jordan narrowed his eyes and sized Jackie up as he asked, “What‘s all this confidence about? Do you not understand the meaning of fear?”

Jackie raised his head and answered Jordan, “Courage is something that comes naturally. I might end up afraid if I’m facing a formidable warrior, but I don’t feel much facing the two of you.”

Even though Jackie’s tone was as calm as usual, Jordan and Manfred could still feel the disdain in his voice. This guy was underestimating them!

What gave him the right to do so?

Jordan and Manfred got angrier the more they thought about it. This fool was just too bold. Jordan had not wanted to be too petty with someone who was about to die, but he found himself struggling to hold back from pulverizing Jackie. He wanted Jackie to know how close to death he was.

Looking at Jordan about to make a move, Jackie suddenly let out a sneer as he pointed at the Purple Soul Plate.


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