No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2779

In truth, the Whirling World had not been opened for too long. From how large the Whirling World was, no one could have explored the entire realm. Many things were only in the preliminary stages. However, based on Manfred and Jordan’s conversation, it seemed like they had figured out everything about the Whirling World, which piqued Jackie’s interest as questions surfaced in his mind.

Jackie had stunned Manfred yet again. He felt like Jackie’s thoughts jumped far too quickly, and that something must be wrong with his mind.

Jordan, who had just been enjoying the show by the side, raised an eyebrow. His lips twitched as he said, “Why are you asking that?”

Jackie composed himself and answered, “I’m just curious. In the end, this match is a fatal one where someone will surely die, and the defeated will forever keep this secret. Since that’s the case, what do you have to hide?”

Jackie maintained his casual self as he spoke, it was as if he was not the one who was going to die. Jordan exchanged a look with Manfred. Both of them were speechless.

This man was mind-boggling, be it in the way he spoke or in his expression, different from regular people. It was as if Jackie was filled with confidence no matter what he did, but where did his confidence stem from?

He was just an alchemist. Did he think he could beat experts of the spring solidifying realm?

Even though the thought constantly played in both their minds, Jackie’s words had effectively convinced them.

Jackie was right. He would die by their hands, anyway, and he could not possibly tell secrets afterward. There was no reason they could not tell him some things. He was going to die, after all, there was no problem for them to brag a little.

Jordan walked over slowly, heading toward Jackie as he said, “We do have a map of the Whirling World in our hands, and it’s a complete map, too. How did you know that, though?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said seriously, “I guessed it from how you were speaking just now, but didn’t the Whirling World just open up? How did you get the map? Does Phoenix Valley have a map, too?”

The questions made Manfred and Jordan second-guess themselves, but it was only for a brief moment as they were, at this point, already confident in themselves. Instead, they answered Jackie truthfully.

Jordan said, “The Whirling World might’ve just opened not too long ago, but haven’t you heard that the Whirling World is actually in the Valley of Enlightenment? Since it’s in the Valley of Enlightenment, then we have a way to get a map of the Whirling World. Phoenix Valley has it too, of course. This was always a plan from Phoenix Valley and us, the Unbreaking Pavilion.”

Jordan’s answer completely stunned Jackie. He could not believe that he had been right, but there was a chill in his heart because of it.

This journey to the Whirling World had been plotted by the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley all along. These two forces that were publicly mortal enemies were, in fact, working together in secret. Everything they did might have just been a smokescreen to hide from everyone else in Middle Province.

The more Jackie thought about it, the more anxious he got. Everything he did not understand before suddenly became somewhat clearer.

This explained why both the Phoenix Valley and Unbreaking Pavilion were at war, despite possible scrutiny from others. It was no wonder they seemed locked in an incredible battle on the surface, but it still did not affect their foundations. It was all just a ruse. They could have been working together from the start!


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