No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2778

Manfred and Jordan carried on with their conversation, seemingly not caring that Jackie could hear them. After all, Jackie would die in their hands in mere moments, and dead men would tell no tales.

Jordan turned to look at Jackie. “You don’t seem afraid. Could my junior have told you everything before you entered?”

Jackie’s calmness piqued Jordan‘s curiosity. After all, anyone would be able to understand what they were talking about, so long as they could think straight, that was. Furthermore, the Purple Soul Plate was right behind them, and the rules were explained. Anyone literate would be able to understand the rules. As long as they understood the rules, they would be able to figure out what awaited them.

Oddly, Jackie seemed all too calm even when hearing and reading everything. It was as if he did not know anything as he stood on the spot, which made Jordan both curious and suspicious.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. “Why would I be afraid?”

Those words stunned Jordan and Manfred. This man could actually say something that serious! It was as if the two of them were not disciples of an eighth-grade clan, but runner disciples of some insignificant small clan. Jackie did not seem to regard them highly at all!

His attitude rendered Jordan and Manfred speechless, and they wondered if he was sane at all.

Manfred laughed in frustration. “Is there something wrong with your head? Don’t you know where we’re from? You even asked us why you’ d be afraid. Do you truly think you’d survive a battle against Jordan?”

Jackie let out a snort, not wanting to bother answering Manfred. Naturally, he did not care about either Manfred or Jordan. Even though the two of them were from an eighth- grade clan, they were probably inner disciples. Jackie might be a little worried had they been chosen disciples instead.

It was understandable why Manfred felt insulted by Jackie‘s lack of response.

No low-class warrior had ever underestimated him ever since he became a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. Any warrior of that class would always try to butter him up in hopes of gaining some sort of favor.

This fool before them had the robes of an alchemist and even had a sixth-grade alchemist badge. Anyone would be able to figure out that the guy was at the middle stage of the innate level at best, yet an alchemist at that level was actually facing him with such an arrogant attitude.

Manfred was enraged at the thought. So what if the guy was an alchemist?

It was not like Manfred had never seen other alchemists. Even seventh-grade alchemists would never dare ignore him!

Manfred walked toward Jackie and stopped only when he was a meter from Jackie. His sharp eyes measured Jackie.

Jackie’s lips twitched somewhat helplessly. Everyone seemed to love looking at him with that expression.

Manfred narrowed his eyes. “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone as bold as you. Don’t you know what’s about to happen to you?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not wanting to bother dwelling on Manfred’s question. After all, no matter what he said, Manfred would never think that Jackie had a chance to win.

Jackie merely let out a smile as he changed the topic, saying, “Do you have the map of the Whirling World?”

He asked a question, but his tone was very firm. The thought already passed Jackie’s mind when they were talking to each other so carelessly.


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