No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2777

Jackie was on his guard as he approached the gates. Despite his wariness, he pushed open the door to the Purple Soul Hall.

With a creek, the insides of the hall were fully displayed to Jackie. In front of a massive stone plate were two men dressed in black clothes. Looking at the patterns on the men’s clothes, it was obvious that the two of them were from the Unbreaking Pavilion. Jackie’s brows furrowed as he stopped in his tracks immediately.

The moment Jordan Fisher saw Jackie, he burst into laughter and walked up to Manfred Plume, patting his shoulder. “I won!”

Jordan then opened his hand and wiggled his fingers. “You bet five thousand spirit crystals. Hand them over.”

Manfred let out a snort, bitter about his loss but complied with their bet nonetheless. “I can’t believe that brat Philip managed to find a soul attribute warrior. I thought there won’t be any soul attribute warriors in that group of trash.”

“We’re lucky, then!” said Jordan with a pleased expression. “I thought there won’t be any soul attribute warriors among that trash as well. I was planning on leaving if no one came in within two hours.”

Both Jordan and Manfred talked so openly, not even bothering to lower their voices. Jackie had heard all of it, and his thoughts were thoroughly cleared up after hearing all that.

It seemed like they still did not realize that something had happened outside. They thought that Jackie was ushered inside by Philip. Of course, it was rather easy to understand why they would think that way. He would probably have thought that way in their position as well. If he had not suddenly appeared outside of Black Sun City, those people would all have probably followed Philip inside and been sent here.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, not bothering with both Manfred and Jordan as he instead stared at the massive stone plate behind them. The stone plate was exuding a purplish-black glow.

The words “Purple Soul Plate” were written on it, which was obviously the name of that plate, and a lot of words were carved into the plate as well. Jackie took a good look at it, and his expression immediately changed.

Many of his earlier questions were answered at that moment. What was on the stone plate was none other than the rules to obtain rewards. The Purple Soul Stone connected to another space, and as long as two people placed their hands on the stone plate, they would be transported!

Countless purple soul beasts were waiting for them in the other space, however. Whoever killed even more purple soul beasts would be rewarded by entering the next space.

It was a competition that rewarded the person who did better. However, the difference between this and other competitions was the fact that the one who lost would immediately be punished. It was a fatal punishment as well.

On the bottom of the Purple Soul Plate was written in large golden words, “The winner will earn endless rewards. When the defeated return to Purple Soul Hall, they will be attacked by lightning, and their soul will disintegrate”

Jackie finally understood why they wanted to send the wandering warriors into Black Sun City. The ones they chose were all weaklings, too. They wanted to cheat.

If it was a normal competition, they would not have been so afraid, but the price the defeated had to pay for this one was far too great. It was thus natural that they did not want their fellow disciples to die. It just so happened that many wandering warriors were outside of Black Sun City, and the Unbreaking Pavilion were elated to send these people to die in their stead. It would even allow them to win countless rewards.

Manfred smiled and said, “I’ll give this chance to you and wait a little longer. Philip might still be able to find some more soul attribute warriors.”

Jordan looked at Manfred with a look of gratitude. “Well, thank you, then! You know as well that I’ll be sent somewhere else after handling things here. I‘m a bit short of time, so thank you for understanding.”


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