No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2776

Jackie weighed the situation carefully before he earnestly responded to Rudy, “You can’t enter with me. If my judgment is correct, we’ll end up in different spaces. You’re an alchemist without much of a need to improve your strength. Once I enter, head out of the city and find a safe place to wait for me. If I’m not out within ten days, continue on your own.”

Jackie then took out a sound transferring array from Mustard Seed and placed it into Rudy’s palm. “I‘ll contact you with this when I’m out.”

Rudy touched the sound transfer array in his hand as nervousness bubbled at the pit of his stomach. “I want to…”

“There’s a limit to how nosy you can be,” interjected Jackie before Rudy could continue. “With your skills, you won’t be able to survive the moment you enter anywhere remotely dangerous. I’ve already said that the two of us will end up in different spaces. You won’t be able to survive on your own!”

Rudy’s lips twitched at this, but he had to admit that Jackie had a solid point. The only thing he could do was ride on Jackie’s coattails, and that anytime Jackie reaped a reward or two, he could get a little.

Rudy was no fool, he knew that things would go sour for him very quickly. He knew that Jackie was doing this for his sake.

Pondering on this for a while, Rudy asked, “How do you know we’ll end up in different places?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he asked earnestly, “What attribute do you specialize in as a warrior?”

Rudy’s brow raised at this question. “I’m a metal-attribute warrior.”

Jackie nodded and let out a slight laugh before he said, “I’m confident we’ll be teleported to different places. I’m a soul attribute warrior while you specialize in metal. Trust me, only those with the same attribute will end up together, while those with different attributes will be separated.”

“Why are you so sure?” Rudy asked curiously.

Jackie let out a sigh before he answered, “Anyone with half a brain can figure it out. I won’t waste any more time with you. Just do what I told you to do.”

In the end, Jackie pushed Rudy out of Black Sun City. This city was unsafe for Rudy. Even though Rudy was not willing to at all, he knew that it was the right thing for him to do.

With Rudy out of the city, Jackie was the only person left in the plaza. He faced the light beams of different colors at the plaza and quietly looked on for a while. After that, he walked right toward the black-colored light, not hesitating at all to reach his right hand out.

The moment he inserted his hand into the dark-colored light, a pitch-black ray enveloped Jackie. He then felt his body go light as he was sent into a different space. Jackie knew that he was being teleported, but he had no idea where he was headed to.

A short while passed, and the pitch-black light finally dispersed. He could finally feel solid ground under his feet. By the time he got a clear look at his surroundings, Jackie was stunned.

At that moment, there was a massive hall in front of him. On the uppermost part of the hall were carvings of dragons and phoenixes, with the words “Purple Soul Hall” engraved on them. The entire hall was surrounded by dense gray energy. The energy even had a faint purplish glow to it.

Jackie frowned as he looked at the gates in front of the hall. At that moment, the gates were closed, and he was unsure if anyone else was inside.

Jackie turned to his back and saw that the direction he had come from was just pitch-black. He stood before the hall for a long time before he headed toward the gates.


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