No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2774

Jackie would have attacked the moment he spotted any disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion on guard. Only that way would he be able to seize the initiative. However, he never expected the plaza to be so empty, and all he could see were the lights that he could not figure out the purpose.

Where were the ten disciples? Could they have entered the lights?

Rudy frowned and said, “Why do you think Philip was roping in people? What were they for?”

Jackie shook his head. He had thought that he would get an answer after entering, but his questions merely grew at this point.

All of a sudden…

“What are you doing?!” came a shout.

Jackie immediately turned to look and saw a green-robed wandering warrior stretching a finger to touch the lights outside the plaza. He was touching a white-colored light out of curiosity, not really wanting to really touch the light. The shout scared him, however, and his hand shook.

His finger touched the white light before him in the process, and everyone immediately held their breath. The white light suddenly turned green.

The next second, the green light enveloped the person, and everyone watched the green-robed man shouting out for help with all his might, but no one stepped forward to save the man. In just seconds, the green-robed man was sucked into the green light and vanished.

Everyone shuddered at that sight. No one expected the lights around the plaza to be capable of that. They then thought of those disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion.

Could they have gone somewhere with that method?

The expressions of the remaining wandering warriors darkened. Everything had happened far too quickly, and they did not even have the time to fully process it. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he stared where the green-robed man disappeared. After a short moment, the green light shifted to its original white color. It was as if nothing happened.

Rudy‘s face paled in fear as he grabbed Jackie’s arm. “The lights can eat people! I’m lucky that I was far away…”

Jackie frowned, not answering Rudy. He merely thought deeply about another problem. After a long time, he raised an eyebrow. If he wanted to clear his doubts, he would need someone else to touch the light.

He turned to look at where the green-robed man disappeared. “Does anyone know him? Is he a wood element specialist?”

Everyone had their own attributes that they were good at. When choosing skills and techniques to master, they would be more inclined toward their specialization. That was why warriors were separated into their respective elements. There were fire element warriors, spirit element ones, and even wood element ones.

Jackie’s question was quickly answered. “He’s my friend, and his name is Bobby! You’re right, though, he was a wood element warrior. How did you know that?”

The person looked at Jackie curiously. It was not just the person who answered who was looking at Jackie curiously, but Rudy was as well. How did Jackie know what that warrior was specialized in?

Was it because of the green robes?


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