No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2773

Jackie turned and faced the wandering warriors. Raising his head, he loudly spoke, “Everyone, settle down. I know your concerns, so I‘ll be the one to lead the way into Black Sun City while you‘ll all follow. However, there’s one condition you need to obey. If you turn and flee the moment anything happens, you’ll make an enemy out of me, too. I’ve always kept true to my word, so you’d do well to heed them!”

Jackie thus walked toward the city gates alone.

Everyone felt their hearts skipping a beat upon hearing Jackie’s words, and they believed his words were true. After all, someone as talented as Jackie would be able to do anything he said he would. Everyone exchanged a complicated look with each other, but they no longer dared to discuss anything else at that moment.

They looked on as Jackie entered Black Sun City and, without much of a choice, followed after him. They were then met with a small plaza about 30 meters wide, and on the plaza were lights of various colors.

Jackie stood in the middle of the plaza as he curiously looked at everything before him. It was incredibly different from what he had expected. The moment he entered the city, he had been met with a small plaza that had various lights around it.

The beams of light were of various colors and never intersected. They formed their own groups and never touched each other.

Jackie looked to the left and noticed that it was illuminated with parallel shades of black and green. Before him was a red light, an orange light, and a purple light.

The lights were not that bright and had a soothing effect as they fell on everything. It seemed to calm their souls even, which shocked everyone who entered Black Sun City. It was far different from what they expected. The plaza seemed relatively large, so there was enough space for everyone to enter. Oddly enough, it seemed somewhat cramped, too.

Jackie stood in the center and observed everything. “Why is it like this?” he mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, Rudy was so shocked at the sight that he was speechless for a good few minutes. Before entering Black Sun City, he had wondered what it would look like inside. What he did not expect was the city to have lights of different colors. There were not even any buildings in sight, either.

After the initial shock, the wandering warriors started to talk.

“Is this Black Sun City? Why don’t I see anything other than these colored lights? I thought it would be an endless city!”

“Who knows? Aren’t there supposed to be energy fields inside? Where are the true energy fields?”

Everyone speculated endlessly yet could not come to a certain answer.

Rudy tugged at Jackie’s sleeve and whispered, “Thankfully, there are no disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion on guard here. I thought we’d be in a big battle the moment we entered.”

Jackie nodded, having the same thoughts as Rudy. He was not as positive as those wandering warriors. He had made full preparation before they even entered.


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