No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2772

The fact that about a dozen disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion were in the city terrified the wandering warriors. After all, they only managed to kill the five outside because they had outnumbered them. With double the numbers inside, they might not be able to succeed. Furthermore, everyone could tell that the disciples in the city would be the stronger ones. Their strength could not be measured, and perhaps even all of them might be as skilled as Philip!

There might be a lot of wandering warriors, but they were not strong enough to fight all of the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples. Only Jackie, in fact, was truly powerful. The moment they thought of how strong the people in the city could be, the warriors backed away. No one wanted to be the scouts that would be dispatched into Black Sun City.

Feeling helpless, Jackie’s lips twitched at the warriors. He never planned on asking them to infiltrate the city, anyway. After all, they were no idiots. Everyone knew that the first to go in would be cannon fodder.

While Jackie could keep his calm, Rudy, who stood next to him, could not. Many of the warriors would have been tricked by the Unbreaking Pavilion had it not been for Jackie.

Who knew what would befall them then?

All that, yet the wandering warriors dared to retreat at such an important time!

Enraged, Rudy turned around, his eyes wide open as he snapped at the warriors, practically shouting, “Do you know what would’ve happened to you had Jackie not intervened? Don’t you think retreating now is a little shameless?”

The warriors fell silent at this, not daring to say anything. After all, their lives were on the line.

After a while, one of the warriors finally spoke, “There are about ten of them inside, and they’ll know something happened if they see all of us enter. They’d attack us on sight. Whoever is the first to go in will die, and to add into the mix, we’re not that strong. Them attacking us will spell the end of us all. Is it wrong that we don‘t want to die?”

The others agreed with this.

“That’s right, we just don’t want to die! Is there anything wrong with that? The person leading into the city will die the worst kind of death. We’re retreating to protect ourselves!”

Rudy’s face reddened in anger upon hearing these words. He realized how much of a joke his earlier thoughts were. These warriors were useless, chickening out when the moment needed them the most.

Rudy clenched his fists tightly, wanting nothing more than to pull that person up by the collar and shake him. Meanwhile, Jackie sighed helplessly, already expecting this reaction.

The wandering warriors were all not affiliated to any force, and their lives were their invaluable treasure. It was natural that they would not want to rush in first. However, Rudy did not know this, which only led him to feel anger and disappointment.

Jackie reached out and pulled Rudy, who was facing the wandering warriors, causing him to head toward the city gates.

“I’m doing this right now not because of what you’ve said,” said Jackie loudly. “l have my goals, and no one can disrupt my plans. You don’t have to feel guilty. Just leave the rest to me.”

Rudy pursed his lips helplessly. He knew that Jackie had always been a stubborn person, and Jackie could not possibly go against what he believed in. However, Rudy still felt like he was at fault.

He wanted to get the wandering warriors to stand up for themselves, but he never expected them to be so heartless.


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