No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2771

“How would I know the answer? I’ve seen most of the disciples from high-grade clans before, so why have I never seen this guy? Where is he even from?!”

The Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples felt their hearts quivering ominously as they talked about it.

Jackie was far too strong. It was one thing that Jackie had killed a fellow disciple in one attack, but Philip losing to him was an entirely different story. Philip had flat-out lost in a contest of strength, and his other four companions lost all hope at the sight.

The Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were not the only ones terrified at this. In fact, a few of the wandering warriors were, too. At that moment, the warriors were certain that Jackie was not an alchemist despite the sixth-grade alchemist badge, but a truly strong warrior instead.

Frowning, Jackie sternly spoke, “Why haven’t you dealt with the remaining four swiftly? Do you want them to run away and report what’s happening here?”

With that, the warriors snapped out of their shock as they put the thoughts aside, continuing to fight.

The next part of the battle passed by very quickly. To cover all his bases, Jackie had attacked all four of them. They did not even have the chance to beg for mercy before Jackie killed them all.

Five corpses were kicked aside, and Jackie did not spare them another glance. Once everything was dealt with, he quietly looked at the city gates of Black Sun City. Even if those five have been dealt with, it did not mean they were in the clear.

He took a deep breath before he asked the warriors behind him, “Do you know how many of them came?”

This was Jackie’s main concern. The guards of the gates were not the ones to be worried about, but instead, the disciples inside were. The one called Derrick did not follow Jackie out again, so that meant Derrick was still inside.

When Derrick came out earlier, Jackie had taken note that Derrick’s strength was nearly on par with Philip’s. The regular warriors would be no match for him. Jackie was the only one who could deal with Derrick there. However, Jackie was not sure if there was anyone stronger than Philip within the city.

At that moment, Jackie had turned into the leader of the wandering warriors.

Those who knew of the information answered, “There should be around fifteen of them.”

“Yes, that should be about right. When they first came, they tossed out all the wandering warriors in the city. They were so fierce, too! Anyone who didn’t listen would be attacked. We were weak then and didn’t have a leader like you, so we didn’t dare stand up against them.”

Jackie could not help but raise an eyebrow at their answer. Only 15 men, yet these warriors were intimidated?

Jackie had thought that there would be at least four or five dozen warriors in the city!

Rudy had hidden far away earlier. After all, he was not well-prepared with skills and would only slow them down. Since everything had settled, he returned to Jackie’s side.

He immediately knew what Jackie was thinking and thus whispered, “There are so many valuable things in the Whirling World. The Unbreaking Pavilion wouldn’t let a large group of disciples just gather at one place unless it was a large city. Black Sun City obviously isn’t one.”

Jackie nodded, Rudy had a point. It was a small place, after all. No matter how strong the Unbreaking Pavilion was, they would not focus all their power on a small city. That would be too disadvantageous for them. Jackie agreed. If there were only a dozen or so people left in the city, he was confident enough to not be afraid if anyone stronger than Philip was inside.

With that, Jackie turned to face the wandering warriors behind him and spoke, “I know all of you just want to use the true energy fields within Black Sun City to raise your skills, but they’re still inside. We have to be very careful. There’s no telling what’s going on inside. We’ll have to send in some scouts to take a look.”

Everyone took a step back upon hearing Jackie’s suggestion.


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