No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2770

With a wave of Jackie’s hand, the 75 Soul Swords shot into Jackie’s gray sword. Jackie used an upper ultimate god level technique and was already at the third stage!

Jackie was barely fazed, even if it was a chosen disciple standing in front of him. So what if Philip could be a chosen disciple?

Everyone in this world had been restricted to the late stage of the innate level. They were fighting with the strength of their techniques, and in terms of technique, Jackie had never lost before!

Philip was, of course, already at full strength after witnessing Jackie’s skills. The spatial shards violently spun around him as he controlled them. The shards disturbed the air around them, turning into a tornado with Philip at the center.

“Die!” roared Philip as he leaped and rushed toward Jackie.

The dancing spatial shards looked so dangerous, it was like they could destroy anything in the world. The violent wind stirred the sand on the ground, but the moment the sand touched the spatial shards, it disappeared.

“Die!” repeated Philip, screaming as though he was a deranged beast.

Jackie squinted at the raging winds before sighing and rid of the thoughts he had before. Raising his sword in his right hand, he swung the sharp end toward Philip. Destroying the Void turned into about a meter-long ray as it slashed right at Philip’s Spatial Distortion. The black-colored aura clashed with the spatial shards, and terrifyingly loud crackling echoed in the air.

The clash of the two skills caused incredibly strong shockwaves, and everyone else stopped mid-fight just to witness what was happening. The spatial shards that reflected the sunlight clashed against the pitch-black sword slash. While the slash looked inactive, it was obvious how it persistently pushed back against the shards.

The spatial shards that seemed to be able to destroy everything in the world suddenly disappeared after meeting the slash.

Jackie’s tearing slash was so sharp that the spatial shards failed to stop it!

“What?!” snapped Philip.

His powerful attack, the very technique he had been so proud of, was basically minced by Jackie!

Who was he? Why was he so strong?

Alas, Philip did not have the chance to ponder on the questions for too long as the pitch-black sword aura had been so quick that it appeared in front of him in a blink.

He was too late to react. The slash audibly cut through Philip’s clothes and pierced his chest, and at that very moment, a searing pain overtook him as he felt his soul being ripped apart. He had never felt such pain in his entire life. It was as if thousands of ants were biting at his soul!

“Argh!” a cry of agony pierced the atmosphere.

Nonetheless, Philip, being the proud man he was after being fed with many praises, tried to bite back the rest of his scream. It would be too humiliating for him if he did not. He could not stop himself from shouting at that moment. The pain caused him to lose all sense of rationality.

Jackie laughed coldly. If the battle had not been in the Whirling World, he might have needed to use some more effort to deal with that guy. Regardless, everyone was restricted to the late stage of the innate realm in the Whirling World, and they were fighting with their martial skills!

Jackie’s skills were undeniably much stronger than Philip’s. Jackie would not even have been afraid of dealing with five or six disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion!

Meanwhile, the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were flabbergasted when they saw Philip struggling and screaming in pain on the ground. The scene felt so surreal. Philip had always been an existence that outer disciples practically revered, and he had never looked so pathetic before!

“Who is he? Is he from an eighth-grade clan as well? Is he from a ninth- grade clan?”


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