No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2769

“Black Sun City doesn’t belong to the Unbreaking Pavilion, it belongs to all of the warriors in the Whirling World! Hear me, everyone! Let’s kill our way into Black Sun City!”

His words ignited the wandering warriors’ wrath as they believed in Jackie’s words. Even if the warriors were not that skilled, they refused to be overpowered like some animal. They refused to be the Unbreaking Pavilion’s stepping stone!

“You’re right. Black Sun City doesn’t belong to the Unbreaking Pavilion, it belongs to everyone in the Whirling World! The Unbreaking Pavilion is despicable and shameless. They’re trying to wear us all down, and we can’t just ignore that! The five who have gone in before us may have fallen, so let us seek justice for them!”

“That’s right! He’s right! We have to reclaim Black Sun City. The city doesn’t belong to the Unbreaking Pavilion!”

Jackie’s war cry had stirred the wandering warriors’ battle spirit. For so many years, they had been put down by high-grade clans, but all that had changed. Jackie was giving them a chance to turn the tides. None of them wanted to be cattle for slaughter No more!

Meanwhile, rage seized Philip like never before. Jackie had used the awe after revealing his true skills to thoroughly gain the respect of the wandering warriors. The matter had already advanced to a stage he never wanted it to, and this fed the flames of hatred he harbored toward Jackie.

He clenched his teeth and snarled “I’ll make sure you regret this, you insolent boy!”

Jackie let out a light laugh, not caring about his threat at all. Instead, he turned to tell everyone, “All of you, deal with those four! Leave Philip to me!”

They had strength in numbers, and that was an indisputable, useful fact. True, the wandering warriors alone would not be enough, but with all of them joined, they could no doubt deal with the Unbreaking Pavilion’s four disciples.

The disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion started to panic. They never expected the wandering warriors to band together to stand up against them!

Jackie activated the laws of space and appeared in front of Philip in a flash.

At that moment, Philip was forced to push his anger back as he fought Jackie with all his might. Despite underestimating Jackie initially, he had to admit that Jackie was capable of going toe-to-toe against him. After all, Jackie had killed his junior without even struggling. Even if his junior had underestimated Jackie before his fatal defeat, it was impossible to have done that without skill.

At this point, Philip was desperate to end Jackie for good. His hands constantly moved as he used spell after spell, distorting the space between his hands.

“Spatial Distortion!” shouted Philip.

What ensued was the sound of something rustling as the quiet space started to twist. It was as if a massive hammer had smashed into space and launched an attack.

Jackie frowned slightly.

Eighth-grade clans were impressive, undeniably. The skills and techniques they had hidden were not something ordinary clans could compare to. Spatial Distortion was definitely at the middle stage of the earth level. Looking at how familiar Philip was with the skill, he was at least at the second stage of mastery.

The shattered space turned into small shards. With a wave of Philip’s hand, the shards moved next to him. Jackie chuckled darkly as he condensed 75 Soul Swords in an instant.


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