No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2768

At that point, some had already grieved silently for Jackie, thinking that Jackie would not be able to avoid the attack.

Jackie merely released a small sigh as he stood perfectly still. When the disciple appeared in front of him, Jackie swung his weapon, not holding back in his attack.

Everyone heard something cracking as crack lines formed on the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciple’s curved blade. The cracks rapidly and visibly expanded. In the next breath, the curved blade shattered into pieces. Everything happened so quickly that no one could react on time.

Jackie merely scoffed as he thrust his sword forward before he activated the laws of space. The blade looked like it was less than a meter away, but it pierced into the disciple’s throat a second later.

Blood spurted from Jackie’s opponent, though Jackie swiftly evaded before that could stain his clothes.

The Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciple had lost every ounce of his pride at this minute, his eyes widening in shock as he unconsciously grabbed his pierced throat. He could not believe his face.

He pointed at Jackie with his right hand, obviously having something he wanted to say, but how could he?

Jackie had impaled his throat!

Gurgling pitifully, his body stiffened before he fell to the ground. To this, Jackie merely raised an eyebrow as he stood in place, all while keeping his sword away. Jackie had just used one attack to handle his opponent, and he did not even have much of a change in his expression the whole time!

Everyone around him was silent again as everyone gaped, unable to believe the sight before them.

“You murderer!” shouted Philip.

Jackie let out a laugh. “Why are you so good at twisting the truth? He challenged me, and I merely accepted. Since it’s a challenge, a fight to the death is only normal!”

Philip’s anger surged to the point that his entire body trembled. Looking at the corpse of his junior, he felt himself slowly being swallowed by the emotions that stormed within him. Shock, sadness, anger-these emotions haunted him repeatedly. He huffed roughly.

Meanwhile, everyone reacted as they began to comment on the short-lived battle.

“Isn’t he an alchemist? Since when were alchemists so strong?”

“He must’ve been pretending. I refuse to believe an alchemist can be so strong. Earlier, he killed a disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion so effortlessly. Anyone who can enter the Unbreaking Pavilion, even from a runner disciple to an inner disciple, would all be very talented!”

“The Whirling World restricted everyone’s levels to the late stage of the innate realm. Everyone’s fighting with their own skills and techniques. Him killing his opponent in one strike means that his skills are way better than his opponents!”

“It made sense why he’s so calm from the start. If I was that skilled, I wouldn’t be afraid of this group, either!”

Jackie ignored the hatred he felt from the Unbreaking Pavilion as he turned to face the wandering warriors. “The Unbreaking Pavilion never planned on letting us into Black Sun City from the start. Even if we enter, we’ll only be dispensable for whatever plan they have.”


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