No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2767

Jackie squinted at Philip‘s words but did not respond. Instead, he raised his hand and retrieved his weapon from Mustard Seed. The moment he held the black sword, Jackie’s aura completely changed. It was as if he was a spear that stood in the middle of heaven and earth; unbending and unyielding.

Philip looked at Jackie and suddenly laughed. “What? Are you planning on fighting me?”

The wandering warriors were shocked to see Jackie pulling out his sword, not expecting Jackie to dare challenge Philip. Even if they were at odds with each other, none of the warriors there would have dared challenge Philip alone.

After all, Philip was a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion, and the other disciples called him their senior, treating him with wholehearted respect. It meant that he was at least an inner disciple in the Unbreaking Pavilion. No matter how justified they were, it did not change the fact that their skills would not be enough against Philip. They would be forced to use their numbers advantage to even push them into fighting him.

None of them would dare to go against Philip alone. Surprisingly, someone actually did dare to, and it was a sixth-grade alchemist!

“Is he crazy?” a black-robed wandering warrior said. The others next to him broke into a flurry of discussions.

“Who knows what’s on his mind. Looking at him, is he planning on fighting to the death against Philip? Philip is a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. He has to be incredibly talented to be a disciple of an eighth-grade clan! This guy is a lunatic, I tell you. Why else would he dare point his weapon at Philip?”

At that moment, Philip had a mocking smile on his face as he looked at Jackie like he was looking at an idiot. It was the first time an alchemist had ever challenged him. He had encountered a myriad of opponents in his life, but it was the first time he had ever seen someone like Jackie.

The disciples behind him burst into cackles, believing Jackie was a complete tool. Who did he think he was to be so bold against the Unbreaking Pavilion?

One of the disciples behind Philip walked forward and said loudly, “Do you think you’re worthy of fighting against Philip? Do you want to fight that badly? Fight me, then. If you can survive three exchanges from me, I’ll admit defeat!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, nodding after some thought. “You seem like you want to die so badly, so I‘ll grant you your wish!”

Everyone there was stunned at Jackie’s words. He even seemed very confident in saying these things too. No one could understand where Jackie harnessed that energy from and how he did it.

The Unbreaking Pavilion disciple squinted, feeling like Jackie’s words were even more humiliating than just being mocked. At this point, the last string of his patience had snapped. He wanted nothing more than to trample on Jackie and show him it was meant to be powerful. The disciple swiftly launched toward Jackie. With a slash, his curved blade headed right toward Jackie’s throat.

The wandering warriors gaped at how nimble and quick the disciple moved. Truly, the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion were special.

Just with his speed alone would completely defeat most of the people there!


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