No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2766

“The tallest one among the five was named Mitchell O’Connor, and he’s from my hometown. He‘s not that strong and was only at the early stage of the innate realm. I had told him not to come into the Whirling World, seeing as no one knows what awaits us.”

Jackie began to seem more trustworthy as everyone chimed in. Gazed pointed toward the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples shifted to a much more serious look compared to the excitement earlier. Everyone was elated to hear that the Unbreaking Pavilion was going to loosen the requirements to enter the city, happy that they seemed to have been acknowledged somehow. Alas, it seemed as though there was more to it behind the scenes.

This group from the Unbreaking Pavilion who thought they were better than everyone else never truly considered the others as important at all! It finally made sense why their disciples were strangely unresponsive to their harsh words. It was as though the Unbreaking Pavilion accepted all their mockery!

Growing panicked, Philip retorted, “You’re all just blindly accusing now. I’ll have you know that I did choose those who weren’t very skilled, but that’s just so we could quickly eliminate any problems.

“If the five of them had been looking for trouble, we’d be able to get rid of them incredibly quickly if they were weak enough!”

Such words seemed more plausible than the last, but Jackie guffawed mockingly at this. Raising his voice, he debated, “What childish excuses you have. Everyone didn’t suspect anything initially solely because they were too excited to think about it properly. They didn’t properly put your words into consideration. You claimed that the five of them were allowed inside as an experiment, that you wanted to see if they would cause any trouble after they went inside. Don’t you think that’s a very naive reason?”

“You ‘ve already said everything. Anyone with any measure of intelligence wouldn’t cause you any trouble at that moment. The five of them knew they weren’t strong. They’d be no match for the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion. How could they possibly dare cause you any trouble unless they don’t want to live anymore? Moreover, you’ve even said that you wanted seven more people. You even gave the reasons so clearly. What’s the point of the experiment as well? It’s as if you gave the full answer to a test before the test was even given! What’s the point of the test at all?”

Jackie’s words had stirred all the wandering warriors around him. They had been too excited earlier, so they never realized how much of a joke the reasoning the Unbreaking Pavilion had offered. At this moment, they finally realized that their motive and reasoning were filled with plot holes.

The reasons Philip and the others had said were practically tailor-made to pull more people inside. Everyone had finally realized this, and they were no longer excited. They might have been quite emotional, but no one had reacted too violently. After all, the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples had just stopped them from entering Black Sun City. They had not been attacked at all.

The Unbreaking Pavilion’s behavior had crossed the line; they did not seem to have any respect for the wandering warriors at all. It was as if the warriors were just livestock for slaughter!

How could the wandering warriors accept this?

Philip swiftly turned toward Jackie and scowled at him with intense hatred.

If Jackie had not popped up all of a sudden and revealed the truth, the seven new chosen warriors would have been led into Black Sun City, and their problems would have been solved!

“You filthy brat!” hissed Philip. “Don’t know what sort of consequences your actions will bring? Don’t think that I won’t do anything to you just because there are so many wandering warriors gathered here. No one comes out well after offending the Unbreaking Pavilion.”


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