No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2765

“You’re really crossing the line here. Learn some basic respect! I’m very curious. You, who asked the questions just now, why do you think those five are already dead? Did you see it? Or did you hear it? You don’t know anything, and you’re trying to slander us for some reason! I don’t know what you ‘re hoping to get out of this!”

The Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples all worked together as they accused Jackie over and over. The wandering warriors that stood at the front had very puzzled looks on their faces. They could not really understand what was being said and did not know who to listen to.

They felt like the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were reasonable, but Jackie and Rudy were not unreasonable either. The wandering warriors that had been causing such a ruckus earlier were instead the quietest at that moment. They did not know which side to support.

Philip narrowed his eyes as he coldly looked at Jackie.

Jackie could see an unrestrained killing intent in Philip’s eyes. If the situation had allowed it, Philip would definitely have attacked Jackie.

Jackie let out a laugh as he raised his head and said, “Sure enough, no one in a high position is ever a saint. You’re not just talented, you have a way with your words as well. You’re so good at twisting the truth.”

Jackie was very calm as he spoke as if he was having a normal conversation.

Philip frowned as he lightly snorted, crossing his arms. He wanted to see what Jackie was planning.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he continued, “You‘re right. I definitely didn’t see you do anything to those five, nor did I hear their cries. That’s not why I determined that the five of them were in danger.”

Philip let out a cold laugh and replied, “Then tell me how you determined that we did something to the five of them. I’ve seen many liars, but it’s the first time I‘ve seen one as calm as you.”

Jackie did not care that Philip had called him a liar at all, he remained as calm as usual and answered him, “Those five were chosen carefully by you. All of them were not that strong, and their internal energies were a mess. It’s obvious that they were all warriors who were forced to rise to the late stage of the innate level.”

“Those warriors were all just cannon fodder in your eyes. There are so many wandering warriors around, and many of them have already broken through to the spring-solidifying realm. Yet, you deliberately chose the weakest five.

“And now, the seven you’ve picked are in the same situation as the other five earlier! I was only chosen by you because of my sixth-grade alchemist badge. You determined that I’m weak due to my status as an alchemist. That’s why you chose me!”

Jackie’s words were all true.

Philip and the other disciples’ expressions slowly darkened as Jackie spoke. They had thought that Jackie was just looking for trouble without any evidence, but now it seemed like Jackie was definitely not an ordinary person!

After the wandering warriors heard Jackie’s reasoning, they started to feel like something was wrong as well.

Someone started to discuss loudly, “This guy’s right. I know two of the ones that were chosen earlier. Before entering the Whirling World, they were only at the early stage of the innate realm!”


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