No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2764

At that moment, Philip looked like a rattlesnake that had been startled. He immediately adopted a battle stance as he rushed in front of Jackie with widened eyes.

He said in an accusing tone, “It looks like you’re just trying to cause trouble! I can’t believe someone’s trying to go against our deal even after the Unbreaking Pavilion decided to treat you all so sincerely. Didn‘t you hear our earlier offers? You just suddenly ran out and said all that. Are you just trying to stop everyone from entering Black Sun City? I don’t know what your intentions are. Why are you trying to disrupt our relationship with the wandering warriors?!”

It could be said that Philip’s mind worked very quickly. After a few words, he twisted the problem into Jackie stopping everyone from entering the city. Since it concerned their own benefits, the wandering warriors were naturally swayed.

After Philip said that, some people lost their patience immediately. “What are you talking about, brat? Don’t think that you can cause trouble just with a few words. We have brains too. You were just standing by the side and did not see anything at all. How are you so certain that the five who entered are all already dead. Even if you want to accuse people, you should find a more logical reason!”

“That’s right! There’s probably something wrong with his head. Does he really think that we’ll rally behind him after making such an accusation? Why is he even trying to do this? Isn’t it better for everyone if we get to enter Black Sun City together?”

“Who knows what’s wrong with this guy…”

Various insults started to be flung at Jackie.

Jackie did not really have much of a change in expression at that. After saying all that, he already anticipated that the wandering warriors would have a negative reaction. However, Rudy could not really take it. It was clear that the rest of them were dumb.

Jackie stood up for the sake of justice, but the rest of them were slandering Jackie in disbelief instead. It was at that moment: that Rudy realized why Jackie acted that way. Even if Jackie really stood up and led the way like Rudy wanted, against the Unbreaking Pavilion, the wandering warriors would all have their own intentions in mind.

As long as the Unbreaking Pavilion made them an offer, they would turn around and bite Jackie instead.

The more Rudy thought about it, the more Rudy felt like he had been stupid. He coldly snorted and said loudly, “You’re really a bunch of idiots that are helping the people who’re trying to harm you. Do you really think the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion are good people?!”

“Do you think they would care about your opinions? Why don’t you use your brains and think? How do these high-level clans usually look at us?! Why would they suddenly be concerned with us like that?”

Even though Rudy‘s words sounded harsh, it was the truth. As he shouted that, the ones who were shouting out suddenly went quiet. The atmosphere suddenly turned a little strange.

Philip frowned as he looked at Rudy coldly and said, “What are the two of you trying to do? You’re just trying to cause trouble. You don’t have any proof and are just spreading lies when you say the five of them are dead. Don’t you think whatever that you have said sounds like a joke? Even though the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion are usually not willing to mingle around with all of you, it doesn’t mean we’ll just kill other warriors randomly. Do you think we’re serial killers?”

The other disciples behind Philip rushed over as well.

They supported Philip by saying, “You wandering warriors are crossing the line. You started out demanding an explanation from us and to let you into Black Sun City. After we followed what you wanted, you suddenly jumped out and said we killed your compatriots!”


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