No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2763

He nodded slightly and said, “You as well. The two of you come together.”

Jackie let out a cold snort. This guy did exactly what Jackie thought he would.

Philip was choosing the ones with the weakest strength. Since Jackie had deliberately left behind internal injuries, others were not able to see through his strength, which was why Philip was suspicious.

After seeing that Jackie was an alchemist, Philip’s doubts disappeared. After all, alchemists were never strong, that was something everyone knew.

After choosing the two of them, Philip did not doubt that the two of them would follow him at all. He turned around and continued choosing the others.

Rudy started to panic as he looked over at Jackie. He reached out and pulled at Jackie’s sleeves, “He wants both of us to go with him! What should we do? Are we just going to walk to our deaths?! Why don’t we leave this place? I know you always have your own thoughts in mind, but it’s not the time to be stubborn. We can’t possibly fight against so many disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion!”

Rudy really was beginning to panic, and even his breathing started to get erratic.

Jackie helplessly pursed his lips as he turned around, patting Rudy on the shoulder.

“You don’t have to say or do anything. Just leave the rest to me!”

After that, Jackie followed behind Philip and walked into the center of the group. Rudy’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly as he followed reluctantly. However, he was already used to following Jackie. Even if he was reluctant, he knew that he would definitely die if he left Jackie’s side. After a moment of conflict, he followed along.

At that moment, Philip had already finished choosing the candidates. This time, he had picked out seven of them.

“Alright! Seven of you, follow me. Remember what I said earlier. Don’t be as sketchy as the ones before, or my senior won’t like it! If he feels like you guys will be trouble again, all of you will be chased away immediately!”

After saying that, Philip turned around and walked toward the city gates. At that moment, Jackie suddenly spoke, “I have a question. Could you please answer me?”

Philip froze in place at Jackie’s words. He frowned and turned around somewhat impatiently. At that moment, he really wanted to enter and quickly solve those pending problems. He was not in the mood to answer any questions at all. However, he knew very well that he could not afford to act suspiciously in any way in front of all of them. Otherwise, the wandering warriors could very well find something out. He could not afford any accidents.

So, Philip controlled himself as he looked at Jackie, “You can ask me anything. I’ll tell you anything that I can answer.”

All of the wandering warriors were very happy with that answer.

Jackie’s lips curled up as he answered meaningfully, “What kind of experiment will we have to go through after we enter? I’m guessing the earlier five are all already dead? Could you tell us how they died?”

Jackie’s words stunned everyone present. Everyone looked at Jackie with a strange expression, wondering if something was wrong with Jackie’s head.

After Jackie said that, Philip’s expression suddenly changed. He frowned as he said, “What do you mean by that?! How are those five dead? What kind of nonsense are you saying? Are you trying to look for trouble?”

Jackie let out a light laugh. He was not bothered by Philip’s attitude at all!


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