No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2762

They were going to give the wandering warriors another chance! Everyone was thoroughly consoled by those words!

When they heard what Philip had said initially, they had thought that the Unbreaking Pavilion wanted to go against their words. However, when they heard that there was still another chance, they relaxed.

Everyone had thought that having their eyes on any of the valuables inside would be something incredibly normal. With Philip’s warning, the next few who entered would definitely need to avoid doing so. As long as the Unbreaking Pavilion could not find any faults, everyone would still be able to enter Black Sun City.

There was only one thing everyone was focused on at that moment, which was whether or not they could enter Black Sun City and train using the true energy fields. They did not really care about anything else. As Philip said all of that, Jackie’s frown never disappeared.

Rudy had completely lost all hope at that point. When he saw Philip walking out alone, he felt a chill in his heart. Jackie had been right when Philip appeared again, the five who previously were with him no longer were.

Rudy thought that if he asked where the five of them were at that moment, Philip would definitely tell everyone that the five of them were already training in the true energy fields. That was why they were not with him.

Rudy could tell that the answer would be just a bunch of nonsense. After being sure that there was something wrong with Philip, Rudy’s earlier excitement was all thrown aside.

He reached out and pulled at Jackie’s arm. He whispered and said, “What’s the point of him doing this again? Were those five not enough? He’s trying to pick out even more people. What kind of experiment are they doing?”

As he said that, Rudy was shuddering. If Jackie had not spoken, he would never have known about the hidden plot.

If Philip had chosen him, he would have happily entered Black Sun City behind Philip. He could not imagine what sort of disaster would await him. Jackie sighed before shaking his head.

“How could I know what kind of experiment they’re doing? You just need to know that the consequences of going inside definitely won’t be good. The fact that he’s looking for more people definitely means that those five were not enough, and they needed more people.”

Rudy’s face darkened at that. Ever since entering Phoenix Valley, Rudy had been tortured in every way. He was firmly on the side of the weak. In Rudy’s eyes, all of the wandering warriors gathered there were all weak and were in the same situation as him.

Seeing the weak being bullied by the strong caused Rudy’s mood to sour incredibly.

At that moment, he really wanted to reveal the truth. He really wanted to tell all the wandering warriors that the Unbreaking Pavilion did not have good intentions and that they should not enter the city. However, Rudy knew that no one would believe him no matter what he said.

Rudy sighed helplessly as he whispered, “Are we going to just look on like this? Are we going to let more people go in and die?”

Jackie smiled coldly, “We won’t just be looking on. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to join soon enough.”

Jackie’s words were quite meaningful, but Rudy felt his head spin as he looked at Jackie in confusion. However, before Rudy could even ask what he meant by that, he saw someone walking toward them.

Rudy looked over and felt his heart thump. The person walking towards them was Philip. At that moment, Philip still had a casual smile on his face. He looked like a friendly big brother.

Philip walked toward Jackie as if he already had a target. After arriving in front of them, he raised his hand and pointed at Rudy, and said, “You!”

After saying that, Philip turned to look at Jackie.

Philip could not help but frown when he saw that he could not figure out Jackie’s strength. A sliver of doubt flashed on his face, but it quickly disappeared after he saw the badge on Jackie’s chest.


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