No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2761

Jackie turned and looked at Rudy with a sharp gaze, “If you think that leaving is the right choice. You can leave yourself. Don’t try to change my mind.”

Before entering the Whirling World, Jackie had actually not wanted Rudy to come along with him. After all, that guy was just a burden to Jackie as he was completely useless. Rudy was also incredibly annoying, constantly chatting all the time. Yet, Rudy was like a fly that could not be chased away. No matter what Jackie said, Rudy did not want to follow the larger group.

Jackie was practically forced to bring him along. Even so, it did not mean that Jackie would be affected by Rudy. Every decision Jackie made had his own considerations. If he would be affected by someone else so easily, then he would have just followed the larger group.

Jackie’s words caused Rudy to completely shut up. Rudy finally sobered up. He understood Jackie somewhat and knew that Jackie was not someone who was easily swayed.

This time, he no longer dared to say anything else. He was forced to take a deep breath to control his apprehensive mood. Time ticked away, and after a long while, the closed city gates were opened again. Philip’s figure appeared in front of everyone once again.

This time, Derrick was not with Philip as Philip walked out of the city gates alone.

All of the wandering warriors looked toward Philip. They had greedy looks in their eyes as they wanted to enter Black Sun City.

Philip had a smile on his face as he faced everyone to announce, “They did not do that well. Even though they did not do anything major, they were all so shifty-eyed all the time. My fellow disciples and I couldn‘t really relax,”

Philip let out a long sigh. Those words unsettled everyone there.

What was that supposed to mean? Will they not be allowed inside?

Someone started to say, “What do you mean by that? Of course, they’d be shifty-eyed! Who wouldn’t feel greedy looking at so many valuable things? They aren’t saints. They didn’t do anything excessive, right? It means they don’t have the guts to do anything! They didn’t cross the line!”

“That’s right! We’re not saints here. They just took a few additional looks, what kind of trouble would that cause? We won’t let you use an excuse like that against us! Don’t try to stop us from going in with that kind of excuse! You’re just going against your promises!”

At that moment, no one really cared about what happened to the other five or why the other five did not come out. Instead, their full focus was on whether or not they could go in!

They thought that Philip was just saying that because he did not want to let them in. They thought that it was all just excuses!

He just wanted to go against the earlier deal. The disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion never wanted to let them in.

Philip took a deep breath before he motioned for them to stop. He temporarily halted their emotional roars. He smiled lightly as he said, “I didn’t say you were all not allowed in. Can you please let me finish speaking before you get so excited!”

Philip purposely let out a helpless expression after he said that. He only continued speaking after everyone was thoroughly quiet. “I have thought about this matter for a long time. After all, we already made a deal with you. They might look sketchy, but they did not really do anything, so it wasn’t too bad…”

“However, my senior was still worried, so we decided to let a few more people in first. If the few who go in this time aren’t as sketchy as the last time, then we’ll be sure that all of you won’t cause us any trouble.”


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