No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2760

Rudy felt a chill down his spine as he reached out to grab Jackie’s arm and said, “What are they trying to do?”

Jackie took a deep breath as he said with a sliver of uncertainty, “They were probably speaking half-truths earlier. The five of them should have actually been pulled inside for an experiment. As for what kind of experiment it is, that’s hard to say.

“We won’t even know if they’ll end up dead or alive. If I’m not mistaken, Philip will still be coming out later, but not the five of them.”

Rudy’s body stiffened as his breathing sped up. His eyes darted all over as his heart started to race. After a long time, he whispered into Jackie’s ears, “Why don’t we leave this place? I feel very unsafe. Even if Black Sun City has true energy fields, we’d actually need to be able to get in there. The disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion are all bad people. Who knows what sort of plots they have up their sleeves!”

In truth, Rudy had been so excited earlier purely because he had been too angered by the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples. He merely wanted to push Jackie toward leading the warriors around here to cause some trouble in order to teach those people a lesson.

Rudy had wanted them to know that even weak warriors were not to be trampled over. However, he was beginning to get worried. The Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were too deep in with their scheming. Rudy might be dragged into it at any moment.

No matter how angry he was, the anger had all been swept away by his worry. After all, the true energy fields were only able to increase a person’s strength. It was actually not that useful for Rudy. He did not know what those people were planning, so it was far better to leave as soon as he could!

Rudy really was beginning to feel afraid. He was afraid that the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion would suddenly attack them.

After considering his own strength, he knew that he would merely be cannon fodder among them!

He could die at any moment of carelessness. He had been so excited in urging Jackie to go against the Unbreaking Pavilion purely because of his anger. He had not fully considered the circumstances. After thinking about it in detail, he finally started to feel afraid.

He took a deep breath and said, “Let’s hurry up and leave this place. It’s not easy for us to deal with them. What if they suddenly attack when they come out? What would we do then? Everyone’s already let down their guard against the Unbreaking Pavilion! If the Unbreaking Pavilion suddenly attacks, they would definitely panic. They were already the weaker side to start with. It probably wouldn’t take very long for most of them to die!”

As he said that, he looked around his surroundings. The wandering warriors were just like him earlier. They were all gathered together to discuss how they would be training earlier. Some of them were already incredibly relaxed.

They had completely thrown away all sense of alarm. If anything happened, it would not take too long for most of them to meet their end.

Jackie smiled bitterly, starting to feel like there was something wrong with Rudy’s head. Rudy had just been urging him so excitedly earlier, and now Rudy was trying to leave the place like an incredibly scared bird.

Jackie let out a small sigh as he said, “I’m not planning on leaving this place. I want to see what these people are plotting.”

Hearing that, Rudy’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. He reached out and pulled at Jackie’s arm, “Don’t do that! Later, if…”


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