No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2758

“You’re just: entering as an experiment. As long as you’re obedient and don‘t cause us any trouble, you’ll be able to peacefully train in the true energy fields. You’ll be sent out safely as well. You’re the leaders of the pack, so we won’t ask you for any spirit crystals. You can enter the city for free!”

After the few of them heard Philip’s words, they were incredibly excited. One of the men in purple clothes actually walked forward and shook Philip’s hand in gratitude.

Philip and the others gave out a happy look in response to everyone’s excited expressions.

Jackie could even feel a pleasing aura from them. At that moment, Jackie felt incredibly strange witnessing the atmosphere between the wandering warriors and the disciples of Unbreaking Pavilion. Ever since he arrived at Hestia Continent, he learned the meaning of what survival of the fittest meant. No one would ever change, nor were they capable of changing.

As disciples of an eighth-grade clan, they would always have an arrogant air to them when they faced the wandering warriors. Jackie felt like the attitude the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples had toward the wandering warriors earlier was not surprising.

Instead, their current reactions had Jackie feeling incredibly uneasy. Those wandering warriors had actually thought that the Unbreaking Pavilion was afraid of them and bothered with their opinions.

Jackie felt incredibly amused at that. However, it was pointless for him to say anything at that point. He merely looked on silently as he waited to see what the Unbreaking Pavilion would do next.

After choosing the people, Philip and Derrick led the five of them into Black Sun City. As they entered the city, the other wandering warriors were even loudly shouting at them.

“You absolutely must not break any rules! Otherwise, we won’t let the five of you off.”

“Even if you see any treasures, don’t be greedy. They‘re still an eighth-grade clan. With your talents, you’re not a match for them at all! Know your place. We’ll only be able to enter if you’re obedient!”

“You won’t like the consequences if you break the rules and cause us to not be able to get in!”

The five of them nodded fervently, slapping their chests in the guarantee. They would absolutely be obedient and not cause any trouble for the Unbreaking Pavilion. They would give a chance for everyone else to enter Black Sun City.

After the five of them disappeared behind the city gates, everyone started to have a relaxed expression on their faces. Everyone had just happened to gather there by chance, so they were not very familiar with the five of them. However, they knew very well that the five of them would try to not cause any trouble no matter how daring they were.

Compared to the excitement the rest of the warriors felt, Jackie was much calmer. He stood on the spot like a pillar as he continued looking toward the entrance of the city gate. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Rudy was happily discussing how they would increase their strength when they entered later on. Even though he was purely an alchemist, he still wanted to see how much the true energy field could help them. Even though Jackie was next to him in the Whirling World, he could still end up in danger if he was not sufficiently skilled.

If he improved himself however much he could, it might actually be useful at a crucial moment!

He was incredibly happy, and Robert was as well. However, Jackie was the complete opposite of them, he was so silent that it actually attracted suspicion.

After Rudy talked about it for so long, he tried to pull Jackie into the conversation, but Jackie ignored him.


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