No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2757

Even though those people were a pretty substantial force if gathered together, they were still just a speck of dust in the eyes of the disciples of Unbreaking Pavilion. For the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion to suddenly change their mind definitely meant that there was a plot underfoot!

Rudy raised an eyebrow and said, “Even the disciples of a large clan would be scared at times. They know that it won’t end well if they end up fighting!”

Robert agreed with him after hearing that, “We can finally go in. I’ve already waited here for so many days. I thought that they would never give in and I would never be able to actually experience a true energy field in my life. I can’t believe they’re actually somewhat considerate!”

Rudy and the other wandering warriors thought the same. They thought that the Unbreaking Pavilion took a step back because they were worried that the gathered wandering warriors would try to fight against them.

He excitedly discussed things with Robert. The unhappiness between the two of them earlier was suddenly wiped clean.

However, the more Rudy talked about it, the more he felt like something was wrong. That was because Jackie, who was standing next to him, had a frown on his face the whole time. It was as if he was thinking about something serious.

Rudy had been so excited, but Jackie did not say a single word.

Jackie was acting far too strange. After interacting with Jackie for so long, he more or less understood Jackie’s temper. The moment Jackie had an expression like that, it meant that something terrifying was about to happen.

He took a deep breath as he turned to whisper, “Did something happen? Why do you look like this? They’ve already given in. We will be able to enter soon. Aren’t you happy about that?”

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation as he turned to look at Rudy and replied, “Why are you still unable to think for yourself after so long? Do you really think the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion are so nice? Why would he be afraid of all these riff-raff? If their thoughts are really as they said, then they would never have been so stubborn to start with. They must have their reasons for doing this. Keep your excitement in check!”

Rudy frowned, feeling like Jackie’s reaction was unreasonable. It clearly looked like those disciples were giving in, yet Jackie somehow felt like they were just putting up an act.

As Rudy was thinking about it, Philip started to pick out the people. Earlier, his words seemed reasonable and noble. He would first pick out some people to experiment with to see if they would cause the Unbreaking Pavilion any trouble.

As long as those people behaved, Philip would loosen the restrictions to enter the city. They would all be able to enter. With that reasoning, the wandering warriors naturally allowed Philip to pick them out.

Philip walked around the wandering warriors. His sharp gaze fell on everyone. He appraised everything seriously as if he was shopping. He would pick out a person every few steps he took. After a moment, he pulled out five warriors from all of them. Those five would be the test subjects to first enter Black Sun City.

The five of them were worried that they would still need to pay the entry fee if they entered then, but Philip generously said they could enter for free.


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