No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2754

Robert sighed as he let out a cold smile, “Just look There’s a reason for all this noise. A few days ago, a group of people entered Black Sun City before the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion did. There was news from within Black Sun City that there are a few amazing things left behind from the ancient civilization. I heard that the most valuable thing was the true energy fields. Each of those fields has its own traits.”

“I’m a wood element specialist. I wanted to use the wood element’s true energy field to practice but was blocked by these guys. The outside of the city has been getting increasingly dangerous day by day, and with what’s inside Black Sun City, no one really wants to give up on entering. Even though no one has stood up yet, they’ve still not dispersed. This time, they don’t want to give up so easily!”

Jackie could feel everyone’s determination as well. Everyone knew that the person who took the lead would be targeted, but even if no one took the lead, they did not want to give up just like that. They were not willing to fork out ten thousand spirit crystals either. After all, it was not a small sum!

Rudy reached out to pull at Jackie’s sleeve and said worryingly, “What do we do? Should we go inside? If we want to, we’d have to pay a ten thousand spirit crystal fee. I might be able to afford it, but it’s no small sum…”

Jackie could not help but roll his eyes at Rudy’s words.

Rudy was just trying to get Jackie to think of a way to get everyone in. Robert just mentioned that there were true energy fields inside. They were something incredibly beneficial. It caused Rudy so much excitement that Rudy started to breathe faster.

Jackie snorted, ignoring Rudy. Rudy suddenly got anxious when he saw Jackie’s reaction, unable to stop himself from saying, “This group is just going too far. Even though I don’t know how good the true energy fields will be for us, it’s still definitely an amazing place. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken over the whole city. Honestly, this isn’t worth that much to us.”

“After all, I’m an alchemist. Increasing my strength just gives me a bit more support. It’s different for you. You’re not only talented as an alchemist but as a martial artist as well! The true energy field is something you definitely need. It would be an incredible loss for you!”

Rudy got more and more excited as he spoke. Jackie could not help but raise an eyebrow. Rudy‘s overexcitement was beginning to cause Jackie some doubt.

In truth, Rudy had been right. The true energy fields were amazing for martial artists, while they were not that useful for alchemists. Rudy was someone completely focused on alchemy, so Rudy was very different from Jackie.

Jackie did not know if Rudy was excited on Jackie’s behalf or because Rudy had some other thoughts in mind.

Rudy started to get even more nervous when he saw that Jackie was still so calm after he described things to that degree. He was about to say a few more words when Jackie raised a hand and interrupted him, “You want to enter Black Sun City that much, but don’t you know that we can’t enter at all? Unless we defeat those people, we won’t be able to enter at all…”

“It would be easy for me to deal with them if they didn’t have the numbers, but there are so many of them. If we fight, and the people here don’t help, there’s no way for us to win at all. Why don’t you just give up on those thoughts!”

After Jackie said that, Rudy anxiously said, “How could they not help us? Even though some of them are incredibly insignificant, they’ll definitely join you in the fight if you take the lead! The disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion were so harsh with their words. Everyone here is furious. They just don’t have the guts to stand up to the Unbreaking Pavilion by themselves. As long as someone leads them, they’ll definitely follow the leader!”


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