No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2753

Rudy felt especially frustrated and said, “They’re being way too cowardly about this. Won’t they win if they all charged together? Even if the Unbreaking Pavilion is strong, they should at least be able to do something with their numbers. They shouldn’t just take these insults!”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. Rudy was really just there for the show. Nothing was happening to him, so he naturally felt like everything was fine.

He had not been whispering earlier, and someone next to Jackie heard it. The person had a gray robe on and looked at Rudy angrily after he heard that

He said rudely, “Brat, you‘d better watch your mouth. If you think we’re scared, why don’t you stand up and take the lead? Lead us into a fight with the Unbreaking Pavilion. If you have the guts to do that, you’ll have my respect!”

Of course, Rudy did not dare to do that. He did not have the skills or the guts. Rudy let out a laugh as he walked toward the gray-robed man. Even though he had heard about what happened from the quarrel, the two of them were still new to the Whirling World. They still did not know much about the Whirling World, so he wanted to take the chance to learn more about it.

“Could you tell me your name? The two of us are alchemists from the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. We just arrived here, so I want to clarify a few things,” Jackie was incredibly polite, and the gray man immediately calmed down to talk to Jackie when he saw that.

The man was called Robert Mason. He was a wandering warrior that did not belong to any clans. After hearing about the Whirling World, he had entered the place with a few friends. Yet, they were attacked by bandits the moment they entered, and he was the only one who survived among the three of them. Jackie did not tell him that they were from Phoenix Valley. After all, Phoenix Valley was in a precarious position at that moment.

Rudy had been silent the whole time, not saying anything. After all, Robert had just mocked him earlier. However, Jackie ignored Rudy’s feelings as he earnestly asked a few questions that Robert answered.

He had already arrived at Black Sun City a day ago but was stopped outside the gates. Ten thousand spirit crystals was a large sum to a wanderer like him. Even if he could afford it, it would end up costing him his whole fortune. Naturally, he was not willing to spend that money on the entry tax.

“Actually there were even more people here yesterday. After fighting over it for a long time, they were not able to enter at all. Most of them have already dispersed. I’m already injured, so leaving this place will be incredibly dangerous. That’s why I decided to stay.”

Jackie nodded as he looked at the crowd that was still just as emotional, but unwilling to speak up. Jackie then asked, “Did everyone gather and make a scene here yesterday as well?”

Robert shook his head and replied, “That didn’t happen yesterday. Everyone’s just getting impatient today. After all, it’s starting to get dangerous outside. Hence, entering the ancient city would guarantee us temporary safety.”

Even though Robert did not voice it out, Jackie could still imagine what was happening. Outside the city was the vast Whirling World. The fewer people that were around, the easier it was for conflict to happen. Everyone knew that those who did not walk the righteous path liked to hide in the wilderness, killing anyone who passed by.

Jackie suddenly remembered what Elder Maurice had said to him back then.

He had said that the Whirling World might not have any beasts, but that did not mean that the place was safe. In this world, the most terrifying thing was the human heart. The Whirling World truly revealed how despicable the human heart could be. It was actually quite a joke. Even without any beasts around, more warriors actually ended up dying.


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