No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2752

Jackie let out a laugh and replied, “Of course, they’re not scared. There might be a lot of warriors gathered outside the city, but they’re just cannon fodder in the Unbreaking Pavilion’s eyes. They’re not worth noticing at all. It would be incredibly difficult for them to group together in the first place. If all of them really attacked, the Unbreaking Pavilion would not be worried anyway. Even though everyone’s strength has been suppressed to the late stage of the innate realm, everyone’s skills and cultivation levels are different…”

“To be able to become a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion means that all of them are definitely talented and skilled. Facing wandering warriors like these, they can win even if the numbers were stacked three to one. Naturally, they aren’t scared!”

Even though he did not want to, Rudy had to admit that Jackie was speaking the truth.

Rudy sighed helplessly, “Even with the suppression of the laws, the techniques and skills that we’ve learned can’t be restricted. Those with Earth level techniques are naturally much stronger than those with only Red level techniques!”

“I was only at the early stage of the innate realm before this, and only have a middle-level yellow stage skill. If you weren’t by my side, I would have been an ant that could be stepped on at any moment!”

In truth, Rudy knew that it was best to shut his mouth during times like this, but he could not help but feel a bit indignant. He felt like the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion were absolutely shameless to be preying on the weak like that!

“You can’t do this! You’re really crossing the line!”

“So what if we enter?! We’re not asking for anything amazing. At least give us some scraps!”

“You’re trying to claim everything for yourself! This behavior of yours can’t be justified!”

Everyone tried to fight for themselves emotionally. They felt like they had been deeply insulted, and wanted to fight for their own benefits.

In Jackie’s eyes, it was absolutely pointless to say anything even if he yelled until his voice turned hoarse.

In the eyes of the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples, all of them were just grains of sand that could be stepped over at any moment.

Rudy felt that what everyone said was right, and could not help but voiced out, “That’s right! They really are crossing the line. Even if they want to take all the best things for themselves, they should at least save some scraps for the rest!”

Jackie did not say anything at Rudy’s words. He merely looked at those disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion. The ones who stood in front were clearly starting to get frustrated. He felt like that group of people were really not showing any respect.

He raised his voice and shouted angrily, “Stop talking so much, I’m about to go deaf! If you’re not happy with it, then fight with us! However, you’d better know what kind of consequences are waiting for you if you do!”

The moment he said that the emotional crowd suddenly went quiet. At that moment, everyone was dead silent as they all exchanged looks with each other, not knowing what to say.

Jackie sighed in exasperation. They really were useless. They had been so emotional when they spoke, but all of them decided to cower in silence when it was time to stand up. No one wanted to take the lead.

In truth, they knew very well that even if they fought, they would not be able to do anything to the Unbreaking Pavilion with their skills.

Anyone who decided to take charge at that moment would just be pure cannon fodder. Hence, no one else dared to say anything.


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