No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2751

Jackie smiled but said nothing as the two of them continued walking for another hour before reaching the city. From a distance, many people were seen gathering at the city gates. Those people were dressed in various sorts of clothes, but all of them were merely standing around the gate and not entering. Jackie frowned and hastened his pace.

“This is too much! The city is a remnant left behind from ancient times. What does it have to do with you? What gives you the right to ask for an entry fee that’s so expensive! You’re asking for ten thousand spirit crystals! It’s daylight robbery!”

“Exactly! You’re being too heavy-handed! All of us just got into the Whirling World as well. You were just a step faster than us. What gives you the right to claim the whole city?!”

“That’s right! This is too much! The Unbreaking Pavilion might be an eighth-grade clan, but still, you can’t do this!”

Both of them could hear sounds of quarreling from afar. Upon hearing the words ‘Unbreaking Pavilion’, Jackie was immediately on alert. He looked toward the front.

He saw five men in similar-looking black clothes standing in front of the city gates. The five of them had their heads held high, their expressions were incredibly arrogant!

The disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion who stood at the front let out a cold laugh, “Don’t you know the early bird gets the worm? I already told you before, the Unbreaking Pavilion has claimed Black Sun City. This whole city is our territory now! If you were here earlier, you could have taken over Black Sun City as well. However, we got here first, so let’s not waste time on nonsense!”

“I’ve already told you the rules. As long as you pay ten thousand spirit crystals, I’ll let you in. If you don’t want to pay the tax, then get lost!”

The disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion did not care for the warriors in front of them. After all, they were one of the top clans in Middle Province. As a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion, they had a sense of arrogance to them, regardless of what their ranking within the clan was. They did not regard anyone else highly at all.

After the person spoke, the warriors outside were all incredibly indignant. Their faces reddened in anger.

“This is too much! What do you mean by arriving first?! This city should be shared between all of us. You can’t just claim the whole city for yourselves just because you got here first! Don’t you think you ‘re crossing the line?!”

The disciple that stood in front sneered as he said with disdain, “Crossing the line? What line? Why don’t you look at yourselves in the mirror first? Do you even have the right to say any of that in front of me? I’m already being very nice to you by standing here and talking to you so calmly! If I had my way, I wouldn’t let you in even if you gave us ten thousand Spirit Crystals! It’s only thanks to the mercy of our senior, Philip Devine, that you even have the chance to enter!”

Jackie’s lips twitch helplessly. He never expected to encounter something so troubling the moment he found a city he could settle down in. He looked at those Unbreaking Pavilion disciples earnestly.

With just a look, he could tell that they could back up their words. They were all incredibly arrogant and probably had some skill. They would naturally not be bothered with those warriors who looked like mere wanderers.

Rudy might not have any skills, but he was still incredibly furious after he heard what the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion said. He whispered to Jackie, “This is too much! Just because they were a little earlier, they took over the whole city and are refusing to let us in! Aren’t they afraid that all the warriors here will work together and fight them?”

When Rudy said that, his entire body was trembling. He looked very eager to rush over and start cursing at them.


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